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g3Mobile is an iPhone app that brings all your pictures from gallery3 to your iPhone.

g3Mobile focuses on a smooth browsing experience and comes with some basic features that include
image uploading and adding/modifying/deleting/commenting of albums & items.


  • Basic Login/logout
  • Tableview & Thumbview to browse the gallery
  • Create albums
  • Modify albums
  • Reordering of album / images per drag&drop
  • Delete functionality for albums and photos
  • Image upload from library & camera (w/ optional caption)
  • Full offline support
  • Full caching to boost performance
  • Async. load of album & images
  • Simple slideshow (basic)
  • Add/deletion of Comments (basic)

For testers: How do I get it?

  1. Do you meet the prerequisites?
    • You must have at least iOS version (4.3)
    • You must be on the latest gallery3 version (3.0.2)
    • You must have the REST API Module enabled
  2. Contact the author/developer aka me :-)
    • Send me an email address that you are checking on your iPhone (PM or email me)
    • You will receive an email from TestFlight that allows you to register your device
    • Once done, You will receive email notifications for each new build.
      You can then install/upgrade over-the-air (directly from your iPhone).
  3. Use this Gallery 3.x forum to provide feedback

For developers: How can I get it to build & run?

Setup Gallery3

  1. Install Gallery3:
  2. Enable the REST API Module:
    • Go to Admin->Modules and check-on REST API Module and hit Update
  3. Create/modifiy a user for the mobile-client:
    • Go to Admin->Users/Groups and create a user (and a group)
    • Go back and grant this user-group rights

Setup the development environment

  1. Install latest Xcode 4 + SDK:
  2. Install Git:

Get the code

  1. Get the latest three20 library:
    • git clone git://;
  2. Checkout tag 1.0.5:
    • cd three20; git checkout 1.0.5; cd ..;
  3. Get the latest g3Mobile code:
    • git clone git://;
    • cd g3Mobile; git submodule init; git submodule update;

NOTE: The three20- and the g3Mobile-folder MUST be in the same parent directory!

Run it

  1. Fire up g3Mobile.xcodeproj and hit the Build and Debug-button
  2. Enjoy and contribute with new ideas, code, testing, ...