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First things first

You need Cassandra running. See the DataStax Community Edition guide. Install apache-cassandra1 (rather than dsc) to only get the open-source Cassandra tools, which are all you need.

Initial setup on RHEL and CentOS (tested on CentOS 5)

  1. Install Python 2.6 and its setuptools:

    yum install -y python26 python26-distribute python26-setuptools python26-devel git gcc
    easy_install-2.6 pip
    easy_install-2.6 -U distribute
    pip-2.6 install git+
    ln -s /usr/bin/pip-2.6 /usr/bin/pip  # Optional, fixes Puppet PIP support.
  2. Start and enable the Cassandra and perfbucker-watcher services:

    chkconfig cassandra on
    chkconfig perfbucket-watcher on
    /etc/init.d/cassandra start
    /etc/init.d/perfbucket-watcher start

Initial setup on Fedora (tested on Fedora 16)

  1. Set up the Python side:

    yum install -y python-pip gcc python-devel git
    pip-python install git+
    ln -s /usr/bin/pip-python /usr/bin/pip  # Optional, fixes Puppet PIP support.
  2. Optional: Copy the bundled perfbucket-watcher.service file into /etc/systemd/system to override the init script.

  3. Start and enable the Cassandra and perfbucker-watcher services:

    systemctl enable cassandra.service perfbucket-watcher.service
    systemctl start cassandra.service perfbucket-watcher.service

Final setup for all Red Hat-style systems

  1. Initialize the perfbucket schema:

    perfbucket init
  2. Set up the PHP side (or examine the files in the php directory to integrate manually). For now, PHP resources aren't installed by PIP.

    yum install -y httpd php php-devel php-pear gcc
    pecl install channel://
    git clone git+
    cd perfbucket/php


  • Enable watching of a directory for xhprof/json files:

    perfbucket watch DIRECTORY
  • View the slowest requests by hour:

    perfbucket show <verbose> requests
  • View the slowest average pages by hour:

    perfbucket show <verbose> pages
  • Output the xhprof-compatible profiling data into a file:

    perfbucket export REQUEST-UUID > profile.xhprof_testing
  • Install the Cassandra schema:

    perfbucket init