Skeletor is a Scala wrapper of Hector for Cassandra
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Provides a Scala wrapper for Hector, a Java client library for Cassandra Getting Started

  1. Assumptions
  1. Get Skeletor

    git clone cd skeletor

  2. Update the schema for Skeletor's Specification Tests

schema/bootstrap.txt contains the schema for Skeletor's Specification Tests

~/apache-cassandra-0.8.6/bin/cassandra-cli -host localhost -port 9160 -f schema/bootstrap.txt
  1. Run Skeletor's test

    sbt test

How To Use

The tests are also examples of how to use Skeletor. Take a look at them.

You can package Skeletor as a jar within your project

sbt package

And in your build.sbt file add to libraryDependencies ++= Seq so you get the Hector library

"me.prettyprint" % "hector-core" % "0.8.0-2"

Thanx =) Joe Stein