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Added note to mini-batch training, thanks to @Myasuka.

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In course of a seminar on “Selected Topics in Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition”, I wrote a seminar paper on neural networks: "Introduction to Neural Networks". The seminar paper and the slides of the corresponding talk can be found in my blog article: [Seminar Paper “Introduction to Neural Networks”]( Background on neural networks and the two-layer perceptron can be found in my seminar paper.

**Update:** The code can be adapted to allow mini-batch training as done in [this fork](

## MNIST Dataset

The [MNIST dataset]( provides a training set of 60,000 handwritten digits and a validation set of 10,000 handwritten digits. The images have size 28 x 28 pixels. Therefore, when using a two-layer perceptron, we need 28 x 28 = 784 input units and 10 output units (representing the 10 different digits).
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GNU General Public License for more details.

See <>.
See <>.

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