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What this is

A trivial Rails 3 app using the SugarCRM gem. It will hopefully help to get you up and running (see steps below).

How we got here

  1. `rails new sugar_on_rails_basic –skip-active-record` (we don't a database here, but you might)

  2. Add the sugarcrm gem to the Gemfile. The git repository was used in this case because we're on the bleeding edge: the Rails generator (used in a later step) isn't in the gem yet. Starting with gem version 0.9.12, you can simply use `gem 'sugarcrm'` in your gem file (i.e. no need to use the git repository)

  3. `bundle install`

  4. `rails g sugarcrm:config`

  5. Edit the configuration file in `config/sugarcrm.yml` to match your environment

You can see exactly what was done in each step by looking at the commit history (select “commits” button from menu on top of page).

A simple controller and view were then added to show content in a view.

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