Open Source Reference Mining Rig Monitor for AWS Lambda, Ethos, Ethereum and Nanopool
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Mining Rig Monitor

Send data from a mining farm and ethereum network to Initial State to turn into a beautiful, interactive operations dashboard.

For more information, see this post on

To Deploy

$ aws cloudformation package --template-file sam.yaml --s3-bucket <some_writeable_bucket> --output-template-file sam-output.yaml
$ aws cloudformation deploy --template-file sam-output.yaml --stack-name mining-monitor --parameter-overrides EthosDistroUrl="http://<your_panel>" AccessKey=<your_initialstate_access_key> BucketKey=rig-monitor-v1 EtherAddress=<your_ether_wallet_address> --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

Things to note

This is not necessarily production-ready nodejs, though you can freely run it to monitor your farm. Deploying this template it will consume the following AWS services that may incur costs:

  • Lambda
  • S3
  • DynamoDB
  • SNS

Additionally, you'll need a valid Initial State AccessKey in order to use this project correctly. Get one from your account on