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Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. Vega dialogs: avoid use of constexpr

    In (some?) GCC 4.6, this use of constexpr produces "lvalue required as unary &" errors.
    Code was introduced in dfe1bdc.
  2. SDL Makefile: do not hard-code a single path for the SDL libraries on…

    … OSX
    Removed circumvention of pkg-config with hard-coded path,
    as SDL libraries install into a different path by default if MacPorts isn't used. now amends the PKG_CONFIG_PATH with the two usual paths as needed on OSX.
  3. Compile and Host makefiles: do not override HOSTCPP, CXX, etc., if al…

    …ready set.
    User or may set these variables initially, and we must respect the setting
    in order to find the correct headers or include paths.  Users whose systems default to
    older GCC variants will have separate header files installed for those.
    Makefile is changed to not use the old kludge (including a second time).
  4. @Adrien81 @MaxKellermann

    po: update French translation

    Adrien81 authored MaxKellermann committed
  5. @MaxKellermann

    PolarSettings: rename degradation to degradation_factor

    MaxKellermann authored
    The user edits the degradation, but internally we store it as a
  6. Engine/Waypoint/Waypoint: Initialize file_num

    Andreas Pfaller authored
    file_num was not initialized if a new WP was created while loading a
    task file.
    Fixes trac issue #1805.
  7. @MaxKellermann

    GlueMapWindowItems: make the hit radius dpi-aware

    MaxKellermann authored
    Larger base radius, and scale it according to the display dpi, not
    according to absolute pixel width/height of the whole display.
    Implements TRAC #1720.
  8. @MaxKellermann

    SDL/Canvas: clip text in formatted_text()

    MaxKellermann authored
    Fixes one half of #1421.
  9. @MaxKellermann

    OpenGL/Canvas: implement vertical text clipping

    MaxKellermann authored
    Prepares for clipping text in multi-line controls (one half of #1421).
  10. @MaxKellermann

    TrackingConfigPanel: obfuscate the password control

    MaxKellermann authored
    Implements TRAC ticket #1765.
  11. @MaxKellermann
  12. @MaxKellermann
  13. @MaxKellermann

    Makefile: reverse libdatafield / libform linking order

    MaxKellermann authored
    libform imports symbols from libdatafield, so libform must come first.
  14. @MaxKellermann

    RowFormWidget: remove two parameters from AddText()

    MaxKellermann authored
    "editable" is ignored, and "callback" is never used by any caller.
  15. @MaxKellermann
  16. @MaxKellermann

    Util/StaticString: use size_t

    MaxKellermann authored
    The StaticString library should behave like the rest of the system:
    return size_t when it's about memory sizes.
  17. @MaxKellermann
  18. @MaxKellermann
  19. @MaxKellermann
  20. @MaxKellermann
  21. @MaxKellermann

    Data/Input: VK_ESCAPE leaves the thermal assistant

    MaxKellermann authored
    Important hot key for Altair and PC.
  22. @MaxKellermann

    BigThermalAssistantWindow: enable configured hot keys

    MaxKellermann authored
    This is important to leave the thermal assistant on the Altair (TRAC
  23. Dialogs/ConfigPanels/SafetyFactorsConfigPanel: 0% degradation is 100%…

    Andreas Pfaller authored
    … performance
  24. @MaxKellermann

    PopupMessage: auto-create new window when layout has changed

    MaxKellermann authored
    On Windows, the TEXT control can never change its text style after it
    has been created:

    Which means that the PopupMessage window has to be destroyed and a new
    one has to be created whenever the layout changes.  This fixes TRAC
  25. @MaxKellermann

    PopupMessage: move layout code to GetRect()

    MaxKellermann authored
    Use its return value for the initial position in PopupMessage::set().
    This solves a part of TRAC #1721.
  26. @MaxKellermann

    Dialogs/ConfigPanels/SafetyFactorsConfigPanel: Set polar degradation …

    Andreas Pfaller authored MaxKellermann committed
    …factor of glide_polar_task if changed
  27. @MaxKellermann

    Components: Re-apply polar degradation setting to glide_polar_task on…

    Andreas Pfaller authored MaxKellermann committed
    … startup
    While GetSettingsComputer().polar.glide_polar_task is correctly initialized
    when reading the profile in "static void Load(PolarSettings &settings)"
    it is re-initialized again with the default value in Components.cpp with
  28. Extend LX MiniMap key bindings

    Winfried Simon authored
    This patch adds the following features
     - Key AN/CLC: F5 -> GotoLookup
     - Key START/R: F6 -> Setup Alternates
  29. KeyMap lx_mm_key_map set to upper case characters

    Winfried Simon authored
    The key_code variable in TranscodeKey() contains upper case
    characters, so the KeyMaps have to reflect this. This was
    a bug,
Commits on Feb 18, 2012
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