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This is a list of ways to say hello in various languages.
It is not intended to be comprehensive, but to demonstrate
some of the character sets that Emacs supports.
Non-ASCII examples:
Europe: ,A!(BHola!, Gr,A|_(B Gott, Hyv,Add(B p,Ad(Biv,Add(B, Tere ,Au(Bhtust, Bon,Cu(Bu
Cze,B6f(B!, Dobr,B}(B den, ,L7T`PRabRcYbU(B!, ,FCei\(B ,Fsar(B, $,1J2J0J;J0J@JOJ=J1J0(B
Africa: $(3!A!,!>(B
Middle/Near East: ,Hylem(B, $,1-g.$-s.1.$-g.%(B $,1-y.$.*.#.%(B
South Asia: $,19h9n9x:-9d:'(B, $,15h5n5x6-5d6'(B, $,1?(?.?8?M>u?>?0(B, $,1@H@N@X@m@5@^@P@"(B, $,1;6;A;#;?;,;G(B,
$,1AFAzB4AvB=B AqB*(B, $,1<U<C<5<m<5<N<m(B, $,1=h=n=x>-=U=~=p=B(B, $(7"7"!#C!;"E"S"G!;"7"2"[!;"D"["#"G!>(B
South East Asia: $,1\'\f\:\V\4\?\]\:(B, (1JP:R-4U(B, $,1H9H$HZHYH"H<HLH5HK(B, ,TJGQJ4U$CQ:(B, Ch,1`(Bo b,1U(Bn
East Asia: $ADc:C(B, $(0*/=((B, $B$3$s$K$A$O(B, $(C>H3gGO<<?d(B
Misc: E,C6(Bo,C~(Ban,Cx(Bo ,Cf(Biu,C<(Ba,C}(Bde, $,2(3(1('('(5(B, $,1x (B p $,1x((B world $,1s"(B hello p $,2!a(B
CJK variety: GB($AT*Fx(B,$A?*7"(B), BIG5($(0&x86(B,$(0DeBv(B), JIS($B855$(B,$B3+H/(B), KSC($(Cj*Q((B,$(CKR[!(B)
Unicode charset: E$,1 E(Bo$,1 }(Ban$,1 =(Bo $,1 )(Biu$,1 U(Ba$,1!-(Bde, $,1&s'5'9',(B $,1'C'1'B(B, $,1-),|,u,}(B, $,1(7(T(`(P(R(a(b(R(c(Y(b(U(B!
---------------------- -----
Amharic ($,1O M[MmN{(B) $,1M`MKM](B
Arabic $,1ro(B($,1-g.$-y-q-h.*.1-i(B) $,1-g.$-s.1.$-g.%(B $,1-y.$.*.#.%(B
Bengali ($,17,7>6b727>(B) $,17(7.787M6u7>70(B
Braille $,2(3(1('('(5(B
Burmese ($,1H9H\H4HZH9HL(B) $,1H9H$HZHYH"H<HLH5HK(B
C printf ("Hello, world!\n");
Czech (,Bh(Be,B9(Btina) Dobr,A}(B den
Danish (dansk) Hej / Goddag / Hall,Ax(Bj
Dutch (Nederlands) Hallo / Dag
Emacs emacs --no-splash -f view-hello-file
English /$(O+S,0!,D?$(O*y(Bl,0!$(O*h(B/ Hello
Esperanto Saluton (E,C6(Bo,C~(Ban,Cx(Bo ,Cf(Biu,C<(Ba,C}(Bde)
Estonian (eesti keel) Tere p,Ad(Bevast / Tere ,Au(Bhtust
Finnish (suomi) Hei / Hyv,Add(B p,Ad(Biv,Add(B
French (fran,Ag(Bais) Bonjour / Salut
Georgian ($,1JEJ0J@J7J5J4J:J8(B) $,1J2J0J;J0J@JOJ=J1J0(B
German (Deutsch) Guten Tag / Gr,A|_(B Gott
Greek (,Fekkgmij\(B) ,FCei\(B ,Fsar(B
Greek, ancient ($,1p1,Fkkgmij^(B) ,FO$,1pv,Fk](B ,Fte(B ,Fja$,1q6(B ,Fl]ca(B ,Fwa$,1r6,Fqe(B
Gujarati ($,19W:!9\9p9~9d: (B) $,19h9n9x:-9d:'(B
Hebrew $,1ro(B($,1-",q-(,y-*(B) ,Hylem(B
Hungarian (magyar) Sz,Bi(Bp j,Bs(B napot!
Hindi ($,15y55B5f6 (B) $,15h5n5x6-5d6'(B / $,15h5n5x6-5U5~5p(B $,16D(B
Italian (italiano) Ciao / Buon giorno
Javanese (Jawa) System.out.println("Sugeng siang!");
Kannada ($,1>u?(?M?(?!(B) $,1?(?.?8?M>u?>?0(B
Khmer ($,1\7\V\?\V\!\r\8\b\:(B) $,1\'\f\:\V\4\?\]\:(B
Lao ((1>RJRERG(B) (1JP:R-4U(B / (1"mcKib*!4U(B
Malayalam ($,1@N@R@O@^@S@"(B) $,1@H@N@X@m@5@^@P@"(B
Maltese (il-Malti) Bon,Cu(Bu / Sa,C11(Ba
Mathematics $,1x (B p $,1x((B world $,1s"(B hello p $,2!a(B
Norwegian (norsk) Hei / God dag
Oriya ($,1:s;\;?:f(B) $,1;6;A;#;?;,;G(B
Polish (j,Bj(Bzyk polski) Dzie,Bq(B dobry! / Cze,B6f(B!
Russian (,L`caaZXY(B) ,L7T`P$(O+Z,LRabRcYbU(B!
Sinhala ($,1B#B2ABB$A}(B) $,1AFAzB4AvB=B AqB*(B
Slovak (sloven,Bh(Bina) Dobr,A}(B de,Br(B
Slovenian (sloven,B9h(Bina) Pozdravljeni!
Spanish (espa,Aq(Bol) ,A!(BHola!
Swedish (svenska) Hej / Goddag / Hall,Ae(B
Tamil ($,1<D<N<_<T<m(B) $,1<U<C<5<m<5<N<m(B
Telugu ($,1=d>&=r>!=W>!(B) $,1=h=n=x>-=U=~=p=B(B
Thai (,T@RIRd7B(B) ,TJGQJ4U$CQ:(B / ,TJGQJ4U$hP(B
Tibetan ($(7"7"]"2!;"G#!"2!;(B) $(7"7"!#C!;"E"S"G!;"7"2"[!;"D"["#"G!>(B
Tigrigna ($,1NUP-MmN{(B) $,1MpMKM[NU(B
Turkish (T,A|(Brk,Ag(Be) Merhaba
Ukrainian (,LcZ`Pw]alZP(B) ,L2vbPn(B
Vietnamese (ti,1*(Bng Vi,1.(Bt) Ch,A`(Bo b,1U(Bn
Japanese ($BF|K\8l(B) $B$3$s$K$A$O(B / (I:]FAJ(B
Chinese ($AVPND(B,$AFUM(;0(B,$A::So(B) $ADc:C(B
Cantonese ($(0GnM$(B,$(0N]0*Hd(B) $(0*/=((B, $(0+$)p(B
Korean ($(CGQ1[(B) $(C>H3gGO<<?d(B / $(C>H3gGO=J4O1n(B
Copyright (C) 2001-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Local Variables:
;;; tab-width: 32
;;; bidi-display-reordering: t
;;; coding: iso-2022-7bit
;;; End:
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