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/* Copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985 */
#include "copyright.h"
* XMenu: MIT Project Athena, X Window system menu package
* XMenuInternal.h - Internal menu system include file for the
* MIT Project Athena XMenu X window system
* menu package.
* Author: Tony Della Fera, DEC
* October, 1985
#ifndef _XMenuInternal_h_
#define _XMenuInternal_h_
/* Avoid warnings about redefining NULL by including <stdio.h> first;
the other file which wants to define it (<stddef.h> on Ultrix
systems) can deal if NULL is already defined, but <stdio.h> can't. */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include "X10.h"
#include "XMenu.h"
#define min(x, y) ((x) <= (y) ? (x) : (y))
#define max(x, y) ((x) >= (y) ? (x) : (y))
#define abs(a) ((a) < 0 ? -(a) : (a))
#define _X_FAILURE -1
#define _SUCCESS 1
#define _FAILURE -1
* XMenu internal event handler variable.
extern int (*_XMEventHandler)(XEvent*);
#ifndef Pixel
#define Pixel unsigned long
* Internal routine declarations.
void _XMWinQueInit(void);
int _XMWinQueAddPane(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMPane *p_ptr);
int _XMWinQueAddSelection(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMSelect *s_ptr);
int _XMWinQueFlush(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMPane *pane, XMSelect *select);
XMPane *_XMGetPanePtr(XMenu *menu, int p_num);
XMSelect *_XMGetSelectionPtr(XMPane *p_ptr, int s_num);
void _XMRecomputeGlobals(Display *display, XMenu *menu);
int _XMRecomputePane(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMPane *p_ptr, int p_num);
int _XMRecomputeSelection(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMSelect *s_ptr, int s_num);
void _XMTransToOrigin(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMPane *p_ptr, XMSelect *s_ptr, int x_pos, int y_pos, int *orig_x, int *orig_y);
void _XMRefreshPane(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMPane *pane);
void _XMRefreshSelection(Display *display, XMenu *menu, XMSelect *select);
void emacs_insque (void *elem, void *prev);
void emacs_remque (void *elem);
void XDeleteAssoc(Display *dpy, XAssocTable *table, XID x_id);
void XDestroyAssocTable(XAssocTable *table);
void XMakeAssoc(Display *dpy, XAssocTable *table, XID x_id, void *data);
void XDeleteAssoc(Display *dpy, XAssocTable *table, XID x_id);
/* Don't add stuff after this #endif */
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