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/* Flags and parameters describing terminal's characteristics.
Copyright (C) 1985, 1986, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. */
/* Each termcap frame points to its own struct tty_output object in
the output_data.tty field. The tty_output structure contains the
information that is specific to termcap frames. */
struct tty_output
/* The Emacs structure for the tty device this frame is on. */
struct tty_display_info *display_info;
/* There is nothing else here at the moment... */
/* Parameters that are shared between frames on the same tty device. */
struct tty_display_info
struct tty_display_info *next; /* Chain of all tty devices. */
char *name; /* The name of the device file or 0 if
stdin/stdout. */
char *type; /* The type of the tty. */
/* Input/output */
FILE *input; /* The stream to be used for terminal input.
NULL if the terminal is suspended. */
FILE *output; /* The stream to be used for terminal output.
NULL if the terminal is suspended. */
FILE *termscript; /* If nonzero, send all terminal output
characters to this stream also. */
struct emacs_tty *old_tty; /* The initial tty mode bits */
int term_initted; /* 1 if we have been through init_sys_modes. */
int reference_count; /* Number of frames that are on this display. */
struct terminal *terminal; /* Points back to the generic terminal
structure. This is sometimes handy. */
/* Info on cursor positioning. */
struct cm *Wcm;
/* Redisplay. */
Lisp_Object top_frame; /* The topmost frame on this tty. */
/* The previous frame we displayed on this tty. */
struct frame *previous_frame;
int previous_color_mode;
#ifdef MSDOS
/* These variables describe the range of text currently shown in its
mouse-face, together with the window they apply to. As long as
the mouse stays within this range, we need not redraw anything on
its account. Rows and columns are glyph matrix positions in
int mouse_face_beg_row, mouse_face_beg_col;
int mouse_face_end_row, mouse_face_end_col;
int mouse_face_past_end;
Lisp_Object mouse_face_window;
int mouse_face_face_id;
/* 1 if a mouse motion event came and we didn't handle it right away because
gc was in progress. */
int mouse_face_deferred_gc;
/* FRAME and X, Y position of mouse when last checked for
highlighting. X and Y can be negative or out of range for the frame. */
struct frame *mouse_face_mouse_frame;
int mouse_face_mouse_x, mouse_face_mouse_y;
/* Nonzero means defer mouse-motion highlighting. */
int mouse_face_defer;
/* Nonzero means that the mouse highlight should not be shown. */
int mouse_face_hidden;
#endif /* !MSDOS */
/* Buffer used internally by termcap (see tgetent in the Termcap
manual). Only init_tty and delete_tty should change this. */
char *termcap_term_buffer;
/* Buffer storing terminal description strings (see tgetstr in the
Termcap manual). Only init_tty and delete_tty should change
this. */
char *termcap_strings_buffer;
/* Strings, numbers and flags taken from the termcap entry. */
char *TS_ins_line; /* "al" */
char *TS_ins_multi_lines; /* "AL" (one parameter, # lines to insert) */
char *TS_bell; /* "bl" */
char *TS_clr_to_bottom; /* "cd" */
char *TS_clr_line; /* "ce", clear to end of line */
char *TS_clr_frame; /* "cl" */
char *TS_set_scroll_region; /* "cs" (2 params, first line and last line) */
char *TS_set_scroll_region_1; /* "cS" (4 params: total lines,
lines above scroll region, lines below it,
total lines again) */
char *TS_del_char; /* "dc" */
char *TS_del_multi_chars; /* "DC" (one parameter, # chars to delete) */
char *TS_del_line; /* "dl" */
char *TS_del_multi_lines; /* "DL" (one parameter, # lines to delete) */
char *TS_delete_mode; /* "dm", enter character-delete mode */
char *TS_end_delete_mode; /* "ed", leave character-delete mode */
char *TS_end_insert_mode; /* "ei", leave character-insert mode */
char *TS_ins_char; /* "ic" */
char *TS_ins_multi_chars; /* "IC" (one parameter, # chars to insert) */
char *TS_insert_mode; /* "im", enter character-insert mode */
char *TS_pad_inserted_char; /* "ip". Just padding, no commands. */
char *TS_end_keypad_mode; /* "ke" */
char *TS_keypad_mode; /* "ks" */
char *TS_pad_char; /* "pc", char to use as padding */
char *TS_repeat; /* "rp" (2 params, # times to repeat
and character to be repeated) */
char *TS_end_standout_mode; /* "se" */
char *TS_fwd_scroll; /* "sf" */
char *TS_standout_mode; /* "so" */
char *TS_rev_scroll; /* "sr" */
char *TS_end_termcap_modes; /* "te" */
char *TS_termcap_modes; /* "ti" */
char *TS_visible_bell; /* "vb" */
char *TS_cursor_normal; /* "ve" */
char *TS_cursor_visible; /* "vs" */
char *TS_cursor_invisible; /* "vi" */
char *TS_set_window; /* "wi" (4 params, start and end of window,
each as vpos and hpos) */
char *TS_enter_bold_mode; /* "md" -- turn on bold (extra bright mode). */
char *TS_enter_dim_mode; /* "mh" -- turn on half-bright mode. */
char *TS_enter_blink_mode; /* "mb" -- enter blinking mode. */
char *TS_enter_reverse_mode; /* "mr" -- enter reverse video mode. */
char *TS_exit_underline_mode; /* "us" -- start underlining. */
char *TS_enter_underline_mode; /* "ue" -- end underlining. */
/* "as"/"ae" -- start/end alternate character set. Not really
supported, yet. */
char *TS_enter_alt_charset_mode;
char *TS_exit_alt_charset_mode;
char *TS_exit_attribute_mode; /* "me" -- switch appearances off. */
/* Value of the "NC" (no_color_video) capability, or 0 if not present. */
int TN_no_color_video;
int TN_max_colors; /* "Co" -- number of colors. */
/* "pa" -- max. number of color pairs on screen. Not handled yet.
Could be a problem if not equal to TN_max_colors * TN_max_colors. */
int TN_max_pairs;
/* "op" -- SVr4 set default pair to its original value. */
char *TS_orig_pair;
/* "AF"/"AB" or "Sf"/"Sb"-- set ANSI or SVr4 foreground/background color.
1 param, the color index. */
char *TS_set_foreground;
char *TS_set_background;
int TF_hazeltine; /* termcap hz flag. */
int TF_insmode_motion; /* termcap mi flag: can move while in insert mode. */
int TF_standout_motion; /* termcap mi flag: can move while in standout mode. */
int TF_underscore; /* termcap ul flag: _ underlines if over-struck on
non-blank position. Must clear before writing _. */
int TF_teleray; /* termcap xt flag: many weird consequences.
For t1061. */
int RPov; /* # chars to start a TS_repeat */
int delete_in_insert_mode; /* delete mode == insert mode */
int se_is_so; /* 1 if same string both enters and leaves
standout mode */
int costs_set; /* Nonzero if costs have been calculated. */
int insert_mode; /* Nonzero when in insert mode. */
int standout_mode; /* Nonzero when in standout mode. */
/* 1 if should obey 0200 bit in input chars as "Meta", 2 if should
keep 0200 bit in input chars. 0 to ignore the 0200 bit. */
int meta_key;
/* Size of window specified by higher levels.
This is the number of lines, from the top of frame downwards,
which can participate in insert-line/delete-line operations.
Effectively it excludes the bottom frame_lines - specified_window_size
lines from those operations. */
int specified_window;
/* Flag used in tty_show/hide_cursor. */
int cursor_hidden;
/* Nonzero means use ^S/^Q for flow control. */
int flow_control;
/* A chain of structures for all tty devices currently in use. */
extern struct tty_display_info *tty_list;
#define FRAME_TTY(f) \
(((f)->output_method == output_termcap \
|| (f)->output_method == output_msdos_raw) \
? (f)->terminal->display_info.tty \
: (abort(), (struct tty_display_info *) 0))
/* arch-tag: bf9f0d49-842b-42fb-9348-ec8759b27193
(do not change this comment) */
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