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2011-09-06 Paul Eggert <>
Merge from gnulib (Bug#9169).
* notes/copyright: The files compile, config.guess, config.sub,
depcomp, install-sh, missing, and move-if-change are now in the
new build-aux subdirectory. The files arg-nonnull.h, c++defs.h,
and warn-on-use.h are now in build-aux/snippets. New file
2011-08-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-prop-alist): Update the default
values of bidi-class according to DerivedBidiClass.txt from the
latest UCD.
2011-08-23 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-prop-alist): Provide default
values for name, general-category, canonical-combining-class,
mirrored, and bidi-class. Describe the meaning of value nil for
decimal-digit-value, digit-value, numeric-value, uppercase,
lowercase, titlecase, and mirroring.
(unidata-gen-table): Handle the case that default-value is a
list. Set default values of characters not listed in a table.
(unidata-get-name): Return an empty string if a value in a
char-table is nil.
(unidata-get-decomposition): Return a list of character itself if
a value in a char-table is nil.
2011-08-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/bidimirror.awk: File removed.
* unidata/biditype.awk: File removed.
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (all): Remove src/biditype.h and
(../../src/biditype.h, ../../src/bidimirror.h): Deleted.
* unidata/ (all): Remove src/biditype.h and
(../../src/biditype.h, ../../src/bidimirror.h): Deleted.
2011-07-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (charprop-SH, charprop-CMD):
Duplicate change in (revno:105007).
2011-07-06 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-dir): New variable.
(unidata-setup-list): Expand unidata-text-file in unidata-dir.
(unidata-prop-alist): INDEX element may be a function. New
optional element VAL-LIST (for general-category and bidi-class).
New entry `mirroring'.
(unidata-prop-default, unidata-prop-val-list): New subst.
(unidata-get-character, unidata-put-character): Delete them.
(unidata-gen-table-character): New arg IGNORE. Adjusted for the
above changes.
(unidata-get-symbol, unidata-get-integer, unidata-get-numeric)
(unidata-put-symbol, unidata-put-integer, unidata-put-numeric):
Delete them.
(unidata-encode-val): Assume that the first element of VAL-LIST is
a cons (nil . 0).
(unidata-gen-table): Change argument DEFAULT-VALUE to VAL-LIST.
Always store the encoded value.
(unidata-gen-table-symbol): New args DEFAULT-VALUE and VAL-LIST.
Set the 1st and the 2nd extra slots to index numbers for C
(unidata-gen-table-integer): Likewise.
(unidata-gen-table-numeric): Likewise.
(unidata-gen-table-name): New arg IGNORE.
(unidata-gen-table-decomposition): Likewise.
(unidata-describe-general-category): Add the case nil to the
description alist.
(unidata-gen-mirroring-list): New function.
(unidata-gen-files): New arg DATA-DIR. Adjusted for the change of
unidata-prop-alist. Handle the case of storing multiple
char-tables in a file.
* unidata/ (${DSTDIR}/charprop.el): New arg to
2011-05-21 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-resolve): Suppress prompts about file-locals.
2011-03-07 Chong Yidong <>
* Version 23.3 released.
2011-02-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
* notes/bugtracker (bugtracker_debbugs_url): Fix typo.
2011-02-19 Eli Zaretskii <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add msdos/sed2v2.inp.
2011-02-16 Paul Eggert <>
Remove no-longer needed getloadavg symbols.
(LDAV_SYMBOL): Remove.
2011-02-12 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-resolve): Fix bzr revert call.
2011-02-05 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-warning-buffer): New constant.
(bzrmerge-apply): Use it.
(bzrmerge): Kill any old warning buffer first.
2011-02-03 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-buffer): New constant.
(bzrmerge-merges, bzrmerge-missing, bzrmerge-apply): Use it.
(bzrmerge-missing): If nothing to do, return nil not (nil).
(bzrmerge-apply): Remove odd character from message.
(bzrmerge): Give status messages.
2011-01-31 Eli Zaretskii <>
* admin.el (set-version): Remove lib-src/makefile.w32-in.
Add nt/config.nt.
2011-01-31 Paul Eggert <>
src/emacs.c now gets version number from
* admin.el (set-version): Don't update src/emacs.c.
* quick-install-emacs (VERSION): Get it from, not from
2011-01-30 Paul Eggert <>
strftime: import from gnulib
* notes/copyright: strftime.c moved from src to lib.
2011-01-25 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-skip-regexp): New variable.
(bzrmerge-missing): Use it.
2011-01-19 Paul Eggert <>
* make-tarball.txt: Suggest 'autoreconf -I m4 --force'
rather than doing rm and autoconf by hand. See
2011-01-17 Paul Eggert <>
* notes/bzr (Installing changes from gnulib): New section.
Need for this suggested by Stefan Monnier.
2011-01-17 Stefan Monnier <>
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-apply): Warn the user when the tree might be in
an inconsistent state.
2011-01-17 Paul Eggert <>
Update copyright notes to match recent gnulib-related changes.
* notes/copyright: Add aclocal.m4, m4/*.m4, lib/,
arg-nonnull.h, c++defs.h, compile, depcomp, missing,
warn-on-use.h, lib/*.[ch], lib/ Remove src/mktime.c,
lib-src/getopt1.c, lib-src/getopt_int.h (files are now in lib and
are subsumed by the lib/*.[ch] rule). Remove m4/getopt.m4 (now
subsumed by m4/*.m4 rule). config.guess, config.sub, and
doc/man/texinfo.tex are now copied in from gnulib.
2011-01-15 Glenn Morris <>
* charsets/cp51932.awk, charsets/eucjp-ms.awk: No longer print arch-tag.
* bzrmerge.el (bzrmerge-missing): Add another skip indicator.
(bzrmerge-resolve): Also ignore cl-loaddefs.el.
2011-01-14 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-copyright): Also handle \year in refcards/*.tex.
2011-01-14 Glenn Morris <>
* bzrmerge.el: Require cl when compiling.
(bzrmerge-merges): Doc fix.
2011-01-07 Paul Eggert <>
* notes/copyright: There's only one install-sh, not two, so fix a
typo claiming that there's two. Add move-if-change to the list of
GPL files imported from gnulib.
2011-01-07 Paul Eggert <>
* notes/copyright: Report status more accurately for non-GPL files.
Report copyright status more accurately for mkinstalldirs,
configure, m4/getopt.m4, and msdos/sed*.inp.
2011-01-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* nt/README.W32: Update the information about PNG support libraries.
2010-12-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* bzrmerge.el: New file to help merge branches while skipping
some revisions (e.g. from emacs-23 to trunk).
2010-12-03 Andreas Schwab <>
2010-10-12 Glenn Morris <>
* notes/nextstep: Move here from ../nextstep/DEV-NOTES.
2010-10-09 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add doc/emacs/emacsver.texi.
2010-10-09 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): No need to act on doc/ files any more.
* quick-install-emacs (PUBLIC_LIBSRC_BINARIES): Remove b2m.
2010-09-05 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/BidiMirroring.txt: Update from
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: Update from
2010-08-09 Andreas Schwab <>
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* MAINTAINERS: Rename src/unexec.c => src/unexcoff.c.
2010-07-24 Christoph Scholtes <>
* admin.el: Write version number to nt/makefile.w32-in.
* nt/makedist.bat: Remove; replaced with `zipdist.bat'
in the nt/ directory.
* nt/README.W32: Relocate to nt/ directory.
2010-07-11 Andreas Schwab <>
2010-07-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my responsibilities.
2010-07-07 Andreas Schwab <>
(GAP_USE_BCOPY, HAVE_BCMP, HAVE_BCOPY, bcmp, bcopy, bzero):
2010-06-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/bidimirror.awk: New file.
* unidata/BidiMirroring.txt: New file from
* unidata/ (../../src/bidimirror.h): New target.
(all): Depend on ../../src/biditype.h and ../../src/bidimirror.h.
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (../../src/bidimirror.h): New target.
(all): Depend on ../../src/biditype.h and ../../src/bidimirror.h.
* unidata/biditype.awk: New file.
* unidata/ (../../src/biditype.h): New target.
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (../../src/biditype.h): New target.
2010-06-09 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: Update from
2010-05-27 Glenn Morris <>
* quick-install-emacs (AVOID): No more Makefile.c files.
* notes/cpp: Remove file.
2010-05-15 Ken Raeburn <>
* admin.el (set-version, set-copyright): Update emacs.c instead of
* make-tarball.txt: Update filename list in step 6.
* quick-install-emacs: Scan emacs.c instead of version.el for
version string.
2010-05-07 Chong Yidong <>
* Version 23.2 released.
2010-04-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* CPP-DEFINES (__DJGPP__, __GO32__): Remove, no longer used.
2010-03-10 Chong Yidong <>
* Branch for 23.2.
2010-03-10 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Use more portable shell syntax.
* quick-install-emacs (AVOID): Be more picky about files we avoid
2010-02-14 Juanma Barranquero <>
* quick-install-emacs (PRUNED): Fix typo in message.
2010-01-20 Glenn Morris <>
* revdiff: Remove file that only works with CVS, and isn't really
needed with Bazaar (given the in-built revision options of bzr diff).
2010-01-12 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs-pretesters, make-announcement: Use bug-gnu-emacs rather
than emacs-pretest-bug for bug reports for development versions.
2009-11-06 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-gen-table): Fix for the case
that the block data and the following per-char data fall into the
same char-table leaf.
2009-10-01 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: Update to Unicode 5.2.0.
2009-09-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/.gitignore: New file.
2009-08-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* notes/bugtracker: How to reassign a bug to a list of packages.
* notes/newfile: Details of how to check for problems with DOS 8+3
file-name restrictions.
2009-08-18 Glenn Morris <>
* notes/newfile: New file.
2009-07-11 Eli Zaretskii <>
* make-tarball.txt: Add a note about bumping the value of
2009-06-24 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/mapconv: For the UNICODE format files, do reverse sort
and don't compact the map. This is to prefer the first one in the
duplicated mappings (e.g. 0x20->U+0020, 0x20->U+00A0).
2009-06-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/Makefile ( Make it depend on
(, Prepend "# " to the first comment line.
* charsets/mapfiles/ New file.
* charsets/mapfiles/README: Describe
2009-06-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/mapfiles/*: New files.
* charsets/mule-charsets.el: Mostly re-written to generate all
MULE-*.map files.
* charsets/mapconv: Mostly re-written to handle "gzip"ed input
* charsets/eucjp-ms.awk: Mostly re-written to handle glibc's
* charsets/cp51932.awk (END): Print arch-tag at the tail.
* charsets/Makefile: Maps depend on files under mapfiles or
2009-04-21 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-get-decomposition): Fix previous
2009-04-17 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-get-decomposition): Adjust
Hangle decomposition rule to Unicode.
2009-04-09 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-describe-decomposition): Return
a string with a composition property to disable combining
characters being composed.
2009-03-11 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Be more clever about locating info directory.
2009-02-24 Juanma Barranquero <>
* nt/README.W32: Fix typos.
2009-02-23 Jason Rumney <>
* nt/README-ftp-server: Update for 23.0.91
* nt/README.W32: Remove ever expanding versions of Windows.
Shorten FAQ URL. Remove mention of obsolete lock directory.
Windows distribution now bin and barebin only. Add note about
SVG support. Remove old tar and gzip problem workarounds.
Use new (22.x) -Q option. Report all bugs through bug tracker.
* nt/README-UNDUMP.W32: Modify for barebin distribution, as
undumped distribution no longer exists.
2009-02-05 Yu-ji Hosokawa <> (tiny change)
* nt/README.W32: Fix typo. (Bug#2207)
2009-02-01 Chong Yidong <>
* admin.el (set-version): Remove deleted file ns-emacs.texi.
2008-12-02 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-prop-alist): Docstring for
`decomposition' property adjusted.
(unidata-split-decomposition): Don't include surrounding "<" and
">" in a symbol name.
2008-12-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-prop-alist): Set `numeric-value'
property generator to unidata-gen-table-numeric. Docstring adjusted.
(unidata-get-numeric, unidata-put-numeric)
(unidata-gen-table-numeric): New functions.
(unidata-encode-val): Use assoc to get a slot in VAL-LIST.
2008-11-29 Eli Zaretskii <>
* notes/documentation: Add notes about Antinews.
2008-10-23 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add doc/misc/ns-emacs.texi.
Add/tweak some nextstep/ entries.
2008-09-19 Kenichi Handa <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Add an item for using EMACS_INT for buffer/string
2008-08-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
2008-08-16 Jason Rumney <>
* admin.el (set-version): Set version in nt/emacsclient.rc.
2008-08-06 Juanma Barranquero <>
* nt/dump.bat: Fix mixed EOLs.
2008-08-04 Adrian Robert <>
2008-08-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* CPP-DEFINES: Add defines for accessing system processes.
2008-07-27 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* make-tarball.txt:
* admin.el:
* CPP-DEFINES: Remove mentions of Mac Carbon.
2008-07-16 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version, set-copyright): Add nextstep/ files.
2008-07-15 Adrian Robert <>
* CPP-DEFINES: Add NS port related defines.
2008-06-16 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add doc/lispref/vol1.texi,vol2.texi,
2008-06-15 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add doc/misc/faq.texi.
2008-05-22 Juanma Barranquero <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove Windows problem about the XPM image library
being loaded too soon (fixed by Stefan Monnier on 2008-05-07).
2008-04-15 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: Update to Unicode 5.1.
2008-04-14 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-prop-alist):
Fix typo in description of `numeric-value'.
(unidata-put-character): Fix typo in error message.
2008-02-21 Glenn Morris <>
* notes/unicode, notes/font-backend: New files, split off from
2008-02-20 Kenichi Handa <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove the problem of ucs-mule-8859-to-mule-unicode
being used in latin1-disp.el. Remove the problem of
cp-supported-codepages. Remove the problem of lost changelog for
2008-02-16 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (unidata.txt): Don't use $<, it's
non-portable in this context.
* unidata/ (unidata.txt): Don't use $<, it's
non-portable in this context.
2008-02-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (lisp): New variable.
(EMACSLOADPATH): Use $(lisp). Add lisp/international and
2008-02-04 Jason Rumney <>
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (unidata.txt): Use ARGQUOTE and DQUOTE macros.
2008-02-02 Juanma Barranquero <>
* unidata/.cvsignore: Ignore also "Makefile.unix" and "makefile".
2008-02-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* unidata/makefile.w32-in (charprop-CMD): Fix last change.
* unidata/ Rename from Makefile.
* unidata/makefile.w32-in: New file.
2008-02-02 Jason Rumney <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-gen-files): Force unix line ends.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/copyright.html: New file.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-get-decomposition): For Hangul
decomposition, if T is the same as TBase, don't include it in the
returned list.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-text-file): Delete it.
(unidata-list): Initialize to nil.
(unidata-setup-list): New function.
(unidata-gen-files): New optional arg unidata-text-file.
If it's nil, set unidata-text-file to the left command line arg.
Call unidate-setup-list at first.
* unidata/Makefile (all): Depends on ${DSTDIR}/charprop.el.
(${DSTDIR}/charprop.el): Run emacs after cd to DISDIR.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el: Fix comment typo.
Change string-to-int to string-to-number.
(unidata-text-file): Define to .../unidata.txt.
(unidata-list): Just insert unidata-text-file.
(unidata-get-decomposition): Handle Hangul decomposition.
(unidata-gen-files): Don't use \040, instead at ^L near the end of file.
* unidata/Makefile (unidata.txt): New target.
(charprop.el): Depends on unidata.txt.
(clean): Remove unidata.txt.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* unidata/unidata-gen.el (unidata-get-name): Handle "CJK IDEOGRAPH".
(unidata-get-name): Handle U+110B.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
Sub-directory `unidata' is for codes to generate charprop.el and
many other uni-*.el files from `UnicodeData.txt'.
* Unidata/README: New file.
* unidata/Makefile: New file.
* unidata/unidata-gen.el: New file.
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: New file. Copied from on 2006-05-23.
* unidata/.cvsignore: New file.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/.cvsignore: New file.
* charsets/mapconv: Add code for handling KANJI-DATABASE format.
* charsets/Makefile (all): Rename target from charsets.
Depend on ${TRANS_TABLE}.
Generate from cns2ucsdkw.txt.
(install): Copy updated files only.
2008-02-02 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/cp932.awk: Append user-defined area of CP932.
2008-02-02 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/Makefile ( Convert 0x2015 to 0x2014,
0x2299 to 0x29BF.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/Makefile (TRANS_TABLE): New macro.
( Convert 0x2015 to 0x2014.
(cp51932.el): New target.
(eucjp-ms.el): New target.
(install): Include ${TRANS_TABLE}.
(CJK): Include
( New target.
* charsets/eucjp-ms.awk: New file.
* charsets/cp51932.awk: New file.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/cp932.awk: New file.
* charsets/Makefile ( Call mapconv with cp932.awk.
* charsets/mapconv: In UNICODE2 case, sort by 4th field after
running an awk program.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/mapconv: Handle UNICODE2.
* charsets/Makefile (CJK): Include
( New target.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets: New directory for scripts to generate charset map
files in ../etc/charsets/.
* charsets/Makefile, charsets/mapconv, charsets/compact.awk:
* charsets/big5.awk, charsets/gb180302.awk, charsets/gb180304.awk:
* charsets/kuten.awk: New files.
2008-01-08 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Add doc/man/emacs.1.
2008-01-06 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* notes/copyright:
* MAINTAINERS: Remove references to files that have been removed.
2008-01-04 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-copyright): Add lib-src/ebrowse.c.
2007-12-10 Stefan Monnier <>
* CPP-DEFINES: New file.
2007-12-08 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove "window-system in face definition" [of
gnus-treat-emphasize]. Remove "Gnus archive groups". Add comment
on gnus-dired.el.
2007-12-05 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-version): Handle Adapt for doc/
directory layout for manuals.
2007-12-01 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove Gnus send mail problem. Other Gnus bugs have
been fixed in Gnus CVS but have not yet been synched to Emacs.
2007-11-17 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (process-lines): Move to ../lisp/subr.el.
2007-10-23 Glenn Morris <>
* MAINTAINERS: Move here from ../.
2007-10-17 Juanma Barranquero <>
* make-emacs: Doc fix.
2007-08-28 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el: Provide self.
2007-08-10 Jan Djärv <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Add Gtk+ tool bar and GUD focus problem.
2007-07-25 Glenn Morris <>
* Relicense all FSF files to GPLv3 or later.
2007-06-07 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (set-copyright): New function.
2007-04-25 Nick Roberts <>
* make-tarball.txt: Add note about cutting the branch.
2007-06-02 Chong Yidong <>
* Version 22.1 released.
2007-02-03 Eli Zaretskii <>
* nt/makedist.bat: Change EOL format to DOS. Don't use
redirection characters in REM lines.
2007-01-27 Jan Djärv <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Removed Gtk/Xft issue.
2007-01-01 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs (get_config_var): Deal with weird magic
string inserted by recent versions of autoconf.
2006-11-25 Juanma Barranquero <>
* admin.el (set-version): Set version number in
2006-11-06 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE (BUGS): Remove "Build failure under Suse 10.0" was
due to a local miss-configuration.
2006-10-28 Chong Yidong <>
* make-announcement (OLD): Remove LEIM references in announcement
since it is now built-in.
2006-10-15 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* admin.el (set-version): Set version numbers in "mac" subdirectory.
2006-10-03 Kenichi Handa <>
* FOR-RELEASE (BUGS): "An iso-8859-6 cannot be saved" fixed.
2006-08-13 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Elisp manual checking completed.
2006-07-17 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Update refcard section.
2006-07-14 Kim F. Storm <>
* FOR-RELEASE (BUGS): High cpu load on windows server sockets fixed.
2006-07-09 Kim F. Storm <>
* README: Use outline format. Add FOR-RELEASE.
2006-06-27 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Checking of info.texi done.
2006-06-08 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Update refcard section.
2006-06-07 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Update refcard section.
2006-05-25 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Key sequence elisp node done.
2006-05-24 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Update refcard translations. Add coding cookie.
2006-05-21 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: point-entered /point-left bug fixed.
2006-05-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Spell-checking the manuals is now done; remove the
2006-05-06 Bill Wohler <>
* FOR-RELEASE: MH-E 8.0 has been released, so removed reminder
about it.
2006-04-17 Ramprasad B <>
* ./* (Copyright): Updated Copyright year(s).
2006-02-24 Reiner Steib <>
2006-02-20 Kim F. Storm <>
* FOR-RELEASE (NEW FEATURES): Completed work on this item:
Rework how fringe bitmaps are defined and used.
Currently, bitmap usage and bitmap appearence are "mixed-up" in a
one-level representation. It would be cleaner to split the
representation into a two-level model where first level maps
bitmap usage to a bitmap name, and second level maps bitmap name to
a bitmap appearence.
2006-01-27 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: String allocation bugs fixed.
2005-12-13 Bill Wohler <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Ensure MH-E 8.0 has been released.
2005-12-09 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE (DOCUMENTATION): Remove message-mail, gnus-*
completing-read-multiple, mail-extract-address-components,
mail-mode, quail-define-package, save-buffer and
ucs-set-table-for-input from doc strings item (Done).
2005-11-28 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Icons installed. Partial completion bug fixed.
2005-11-11 Kim F. Storm <>
* FOR-RELEASE (FATAL ERRORS): Fix infinite loop in redisplay
when displaying a non-breaking space in an overlay string.
2005-10-30 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Init file change implemented.
2005-10-27 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Fringe angle bitmap at eob fixed.
2005-10-19 Chong Yidong <>
* FOR-RELEASE (New features): max-image-size implemented.
(Bugs): split-window done, by Kim F. Storm.
2005-10-17 Bill Wohler <>
* FOR-RELEASE (DOCUMENTATION): Removed lisp/toolbar from list
since it's gone. Also marked mh-e as done.
2005-10-11 Juanma Barranquero <>
* FOR-RELEASE (FATAL ERRORS): Remove item about JPEG
libraries on Windows (Done).
2005-10-01 Jason Rumney <>
* admin.el (set-version): Set version numbers in nt/emacs.rc.
2005-08-31 Romain Francoise <>
* FOR-RELEASE (New features): Remove vhdl-mode.el update
item (Done).
2005-08-27 Romain Francoise <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Bugs): Remove compile-internal item (Done).
2005-07-04 Lute Kamstra <>
Update FSF's address in GPL notices.
2005-06-10 Lute Kamstra <>
* admin.el (set-version): Set version in lisp manual too.
* make-tarball.txt: Commit lispref/elisp.texi too.
2005-06-04 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs-pretesters: Refer to etc/DEBUG instead of duplicating it.
Other cleanups.
2005-04-19 Lute Kamstra <>
* make-tarball.txt: Don't commit lisp/loaddefs.el.
2005-04-14 Lute Kamstra <>
* nt/makedist.bat (elfiles): Update.
* admin.el (add-release-logs): Fix require call.
2005-03-30 Marcelo Toledo <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Documentation): Added check the Emacs Tutorial.
The first line of every tutorial must begin with a sentence saying
"Emacs Tutorial" in the respective language. This should be
followed by "See end for copying conditions", likewise in the
respective language.
2005-03-29 Luc Teirlinck <>
Add `undo-ask-before-discard' to it.
2005-03-02 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Only use the mkdir --verbose option if the
script's --verbose option was specified (this avoids problems with
default usage on systems where mkdir doesn't support that option).
2005-02-15 Jason Rumney <>
* nt/makedist.bat: Do not rely on non-standard behavior of
tar --exclude.
2004-11-02 Jan Djärv <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Indications): Remove two stage update for toolbar (Done).
2004-09-20 Luc Teirlinck <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Indications): Rearrange checklists for Emacs and
Elisp manuals.
2004-09-18 Luc Teirlinck <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Indications): Clean up and update checklists for
Emacs and Elisp manuals.
2004-09-11 Kim F. Storm <>
* FOR-RELEASE (New features): Remove Gnus 5.10 entry (Done!).
(Documentation): Add NEWS entry.
Add section lists for proof-reading Emacs and Lisp manuals.
2004-08-29 Kim F. Storm <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Documentation): Add man/ack.texi and AUTHORS.
2004-08-28 Jan Djärv <>
* FOR-RELEASE (Indications): Remove entry about GTK and geometry
(now behaves as well as other ports).
2004-06-28 Jan Djärv <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove entry about GTK and monochrome displays (done).
2004-06-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Moved here from the etc directory.
2004-05-08 Thien-Thi Nguyen <>
* notes/BRANCH: New file, to be maintained per CVS branch.
2003-10-01 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Don't use "function" keyword when defining
shell functions.
2003-09-29 Lute Kamstra <>
* make-tarball.txt: Mention regenerating Emacs' AUTHORS file.
2003-09-27 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Remove fns-* pruning, since that file no
longer seems to be generated.
(AVOID): Quote literal periods. Quote braces in a way acceptable
to all parties (gawk gets bitchy about using `\').
2003-08-19 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Add arch-specific ignored files to
quick-install-emacs. Use quoting for periods that's acceptable
to recent versions of gawk.
2003-08-11 Markus Rost <>
* cus-test.el: Remove obsolete workaround.
2003-04-22 Andrew Innes <>
* nt/makedist.bat: Fix multi-file .zip distribution, by splitting
emacs.exe before zipping, and including batch file to recreate
after unpacking.
* nt/stitch.bat: New file.
* nt/README-ftp-server: Update wording and version number etc.
Add extra instructions for installing multi-file .zip
* nt/README.W32: Remove personal email address and update wording.
* nt/README-UNDUMP.W32: Remove personal email address and update
2003-02-10 Francesco Potortì <>
* make-changelog-diff: New script, code stolen from make-announcement.
* make-announcement: Use make-changelog-diff.
2003-01-20 Francesco Potortì <>
* make-tarball.txt: Step-by-step instructions for making a tarball.
* make-announcement: A script for creating pretest announcements.
2003-01-17 Francesco Potortì <>
* admin.el (add-release-logs): Expand the directory name before
calling find(1).
(add-release-logs): Use the same methods as add-log.el for writing
the date and the user's name and address.
2003-01-07 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Unset LANG etc. to avoid non-standard
command output from non-C locales.
2002-10-16 Markus Rost <>
* cus-test.el: Extended and reorganized. There are now 4 tests
which can be run in batch mode. See the Commentary section.
2002-10-08 Markus Rost <>
* cus-test.el: New file.
2002-05-27 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs (VERSION): Calculate using the same method
that uses.
2002-04-26 Pavel Janík <>
* emacs-pretesters: New file with information for Emacs
2002-03-22 Paul Eggert <>
* quick-install-emacs (PRUNED): Avoid "head -1" and "tail +2", as
POSIX 1003.1-2001 disallows both usages.
2002-02-11 Andrew Innes <>
* nt/makedist.bat: Don't include elisp/term/*.el files twice.
2002-01-24 Andrew Innes <>
* nt/README.W32: Remove unnecessary version number and date
* nt/README-UNDUMP.W32: Ditto.
2001-12-06 Gerd Moellmann <>
* make-emacs: Add --trace-move.
2001-10-23 Andrew Innes <>
* nt/makedist.bat: Remove remaining obsolete reference to
2001-10-22 Gerd Moellmann <>
* admin.el (set-version): Use `s' interactive spec for
version number.
2001-10-20 Gerd Moellmann <>
* (Version 21.1 released.)
2001-10-20 Gerd Moellmann <>
* admin.el (add-release-logs): Put the log entry in lispref, too.
2001-10-20 Miles Bader <>
* quick-install-emacs: Exit if we can't find some variable.
(AVOID): Add .orig & .rej files.
(get_config_var): Be more liberal about format of config.status
sed commands.
2001-10-19 Gerd Moellmann <>
* admin.el: New file.
* build-configs: Add --help option. Add support for building
in arbitrary source trees.
2001-10-17 Gerd Moellmann <>
* alloc-colors.c: New file.
2001-10-13 Gerd Moellmann <>
* make-emacs: Add --boot switch for bootstrapping. Logs to
EMACS_ROOT/boot.log, renames previous log file to boot.log.old.
2001-10-05 Gerd Moellmann <>
* Branch for 21.1.
2001-09-04 Andrew Innes <>
* admin/nt/makedist.bat: Remove reference to obsolete file
GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE. Remove outdated comments. Explain about
version of tar used.
;; Local Variables:
;; coding: utf-8
;; End:
Copyright (C) 2001-2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
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