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;;; cus-test.el --- tests for custom types and load problems
;; Copyright (C) 1998, 2000, 2002-2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Markus Rost <>
;; Maintainer: Markus Rost <>
;; Created: 13 Sep 1998
;; Keywords: maint
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This file provides simple tests to detect custom options with
;; incorrect customization types and load problems for custom and
;; autoload dependencies.
;; The basic tests can be run in batch mode. Invoke them with
;; src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-opts
;; src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-deps
;; src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-libs
;; src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-noloads
;; in the emacs source directory.
;; For interactive use: Load this file. Then
;; M-x cus-test-apropos REGEXP RET
;; checks the options matching REGEXP. In particular
;; M-x cus-test-apropos RET
;; checks all options. The detected options are stored in the
;; variable `cus-test-errors'.
;; Only those options are checked which have been already loaded.
;; Therefore `cus-test-apropos' is more efficient after loading many
;; libraries.
;; M-x cus-test-load-custom-loads
;; loads all (!) custom dependencies and
;; M-x cus-test-load-libs
;; loads all (!) libraries with autoloads.
;; Options with a custom-get property, usually defined by a :get
;; declaration, are stored in the variable
;; `cus-test-vars-with-custom-get'
;; Options with a state of 'changed ("changed outside the customize
;; buffer") are stored in the variable
;; `cus-test-vars-with-changed-state'
;; These lists are prepared just in case one wants to investigate
;; those options further.
;; The command `cus-test-opts' tests many (all?) custom options.
;; The command `cus-test-deps' is like `cus-test-load-custom-loads'
;; but reports about load errors.
;; The command `cus-test-libs' runs for all libraries with autoloads
;; separate emacs processes of the form "emacs -batch -l LIB".
;; The command `cus-test-noloads' returns a list of variables which
;; are somewhere declared as custom options, but not loaded by
;; `custom-load-symbol'.
;; Some results from October 2002:
;; 4523 options tested
;; The following variables might have problems:
;; ps-mule-font-info-database-default
;; grep-tree-command
;; grep-find-command
;; 288 features required
;; 10 files loaded
;; The following load problems appeared:
;; (killing x-win (file-error Cannot open load file x-win))
;; Symbol faces has loaddefs as custom dependency
;; (reftex-index-support reftex-vars (void-function reftex-set-dirty))
;; (eshell-script em-script (void-variable eshell-directory-name))
;; (pcomplete em-cmpl (void-function eshell-under-windows-p))
;; (eshell-ext esh-ext (void-function eshell-under-windows-p))
;; ...
;; 422 libraries had no load errors
;; The following load problems appeared:
;; (eudc-export error 255)
;; (ada-xref error 255)
;; (ada-stmt error 255)
;; The following options were not loaded by custom-load-symbol:
;; edt-bottom-scroll-margin
;; edt-keep-current-page-delimiter
;; edt-top-scroll-margin
;; edt-use-EDT-control-key-bindings
;; edt-word-entities
;; grep-find-use-xargs
;; master-mode-hook
;; outline-level
;; outline-minor-mode-hook
;; refill-mode-hook
;;; Code:
;;; Workarounds. For a smooth run and to avoid some side effects.
(defvar cus-test-after-load-libs-hook nil
"Used to switch off undesired side effects of loading libraries.")
(defvar cus-test-skip-list nil
"List of variables to disregard by `cus-test-apropos'.")
(defvar cus-test-libs-noloads nil
"List of libraries not to load by `cus-test-load-libs'.")
;; The file eudc-export.el loads libraries "bbdb" and "bbdb-com" which
;; are not part of GNU Emacs: (locate-library "bbdb") => nil
;; We avoid the resulting errors from loading eudc-export.el:
(provide 'bbdb)
(provide 'bbdb-com)
;; This avoids a hang of `cus-test-apropos' in 21.2.
;; (add-to-list 'cus-test-skip-list 'sh-alias-alist)
;; Loading dunnet in batch mode leads to a Dead end.
(let (noninteractive) (load "dunnet"))
(add-to-list 'cus-test-libs-noloads "dunnet")
;; Never Viperize.
(setq viper-mode nil)
;; Don't create a file `save-place-file'.
(eval-after-load "saveplace"
'(remove-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'save-place-kill-emacs-hook))
;; Don't create a file `abbrev-file-name'.
(setq save-abbrevs nil)
;; Avoid compile logs from adviced functions.
(eval-after-load "bytecomp"
'(setq ad-default-compilation-action 'never))
;;; Main code:
;; We want to log all messages.
(setq message-log-max t)
(require 'cus-edit)
(require 'cus-load)
(defvar cus-test-errors nil
"List of problematic variables found by `cus-test-apropos'.")
(defvar cus-test-tested-variables nil
"List of options tested by last call of `cus-test-apropos'.")
;; I haven't understood this :get stuff. The symbols with a
;; custom-get property are stored here.
(defvar cus-test-vars-with-custom-get nil
"Set by `cus-test-apropos' to a list of options with :get property.")
(defvar cus-test-vars-with-changed-state nil
"Set by `cus-test-apropos' to a list of options with state 'changed.")
(defvar cus-test-deps-errors nil
"List of require/load problems found by `cus-test-deps'.")
(defvar cus-test-deps-required nil
"List of dependencies required by `cus-test-deps'.
Only unloaded features will be require'd.")
(defvar cus-test-deps-loaded nil
"List of dependencies loaded by `cus-test-deps'.")
(defvar cus-test-libs-errors nil
"List of load problems found by `cus-test-load-libs' or `cus-test-libs'.")
(defvar cus-test-libs-loaded nil
"List of files loaded by `cus-test-load-libs' or `cus-test-libs'.")
(defvar cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded nil
"A list of options not loaded by `custom-load-symbol'.
Set by `cus-test-noloads'.")
;; (defvar cus-test-vars-cus-loaded nil
;; "A list of options loaded by `custom-load-symbol'.")
(defun cus-test-apropos (regexp)
"Check the options matching REGEXP.
The detected problematic options are stored in `cus-test-errors'."
(interactive "sVariable regexp: ")
(setq cus-test-errors nil)
(setq cus-test-tested-variables nil)
(lambda (symbol)
(push symbol cus-test-tested-variables)
;; Be verbose in case we hang.
(message "Cus Test running...%s %s"
(length cus-test-tested-variables) symbol)
(condition-case alpha
(let* ((type (custom-variable-type symbol))
(conv (widget-convert type))
(get (or (get symbol 'custom-get) 'default-value))
(when (default-boundp symbol)
(push (funcall get symbol) values)
(push (eval (car (get symbol 'standard-value))) values))
(if (boundp symbol)
(push (symbol-value symbol) values))
;; That does not work.
;; (push (widget-get conv :value) values)
;; Check the values
(mapc (lambda (value)
(unless (widget-apply conv :match value)
(setq mismatch 'mismatch)))
;; Store symbols with a custom-get property.
(when (get symbol 'custom-get)
(add-to-list 'cus-test-vars-with-custom-get symbol))
;; Changed outside the customize buffer?
;; This routine is not very much tested.
(let ((c-value
(or (get symbol 'customized-value)
(get symbol 'saved-value)
(get symbol 'standard-value))))
(and (consp c-value)
(boundp symbol)
(not (equal (eval (car c-value)) (symbol-value symbol)))
(add-to-list 'cus-test-vars-with-changed-state symbol)))
(if mismatch
(push symbol cus-test-errors)))
(push symbol cus-test-errors)
(message "Error for %s: %s" symbol alpha))))
(cus-test-get-options regexp))
(message "%s options tested"
(length cus-test-tested-variables))
(defun cus-test-get-options (regexp)
"Return a list of custom options matching REGEXP."
(let (found)
(lambda (symbol)
;; (user-variable-p symbol)
(get symbol 'standard-value)
;; (get symbol 'saved-value)
(get symbol 'custom-type))
(string-match regexp (symbol-name symbol))
(not (member symbol cus-test-skip-list))
(push symbol found))))
(defun cus-test-errors-display ()
"Report about the errors found by cus-test."
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*cus-test-errors*"
(set-buffer standard-output)
(insert (format "Cus Test tested %s variables.\
See `cus-test-tested-variables'.\n\n"
(length cus-test-tested-variables)))
(if (not cus-test-errors)
(insert "No errors found by cus-test.")
(insert "The following variables seem to have problems:\n\n")
(dolist (e cus-test-errors)
(insert (symbol-name e) "\n")))))
(defun cus-test-load-custom-loads ()
"Call `custom-load-symbol' on all atoms."
(mapatoms 'custom-load-symbol)
(run-hooks 'cus-test-after-load-libs-hook))
(defun cus-test-load-libs ()
"Load the libraries with autoloads.
Don't load libraries in `cus-test-libs-noloads'."
(setq cus-test-libs-errors nil)
(setq cus-test-libs-loaded nil)
(lambda (file)
(condition-case alpha
(unless (member file cus-test-libs-noloads)
(load file)
(push file cus-test-libs-loaded))
(push (cons file alpha) cus-test-libs-errors)
(message "Error for %s: %s" file alpha))))
(message "%s libraries loaded successfully"
(length cus-test-libs-loaded))
(if (not cus-test-libs-errors)
(message "No load problems encountered")
(message "The following load problems appeared:")
(cus-test-message cus-test-libs-errors))
(run-hooks 'cus-test-after-load-libs-hook))
(defun cus-test-get-autoload-deps ()
"Return the list of libraries with autoloads."
(insert-file-contents (locate-library "loaddefs"))
;; This is from `customize-option'.
(let (deps file)
(search-forward "\n;;; Generated autoloads from " nil t)
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(setq file (buffer-substring (point)
(progn (end-of-line) (point))))
(setq file (file-name-nondirectory file))
(string-match "\\.el\\'" file)
(setq file (substring file 0 (match-beginning 0)))
(setq deps (nconc deps (list file))))
(defun cus-test-message (list)
"Print the members of LIST line by line."
(dolist (m list) (message "%s" m)))
;;; The routines for batch mode:
(defun cus-test-opts ()
"Test custom options.
This function is suitable for batch mode. E.g., invoke
src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-opts
in the Emacs source directory."
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-libs)
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-custom-loads)
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-apropos)
(cus-test-apropos "")
(if (not cus-test-errors)
(message "No problems found")
(message "The following options might have problems:")
(cus-test-message cus-test-errors)))
(defun cus-test-deps ()
"Run a verbose version of `custom-load-symbol' on all atoms.
This function is suitable for batch mode. E.g., invoke
src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-deps
in the Emacs source directory."
(setq cus-test-deps-errors nil)
(setq cus-test-deps-required nil)
(setq cus-test-deps-loaded nil)
;; This code is mainly from `custom-load-symbol'.
(lambda (symbol)
(let ((custom-load-recursion t))
(dolist (load (get symbol 'custom-loads))
((symbolp load)
;; (condition-case nil (require load) (error nil))
(condition-case alpha
(unless (featurep load)
(require load)
(push (list symbol load) cus-test-deps-required))
(push (list symbol load alpha) cus-test-deps-errors)
(message "Require problem: %s %s %s" symbol load alpha))))
((equal load "loaddefs")
(message "Symbol %s has loaddefs as custom dependency" symbol)
;; This is subsumed by the test below, but it's much
;; faster.
((assoc load load-history))
;; This was just
;; (assoc (locate-library load) load-history)
;; but has been optimized not to load locate-library
;; if not necessary.
((let ((regexp (concat "\\(\\`\\|/\\)" (regexp-quote load)
(found nil))
(dolist (loaded load-history)
(and (stringp (car loaded))
(string-match regexp (car loaded))
(setq found t)))
;; Without this, we would load cus-edit recursively.
;; We are still loading it when we call this,
;; and it is not in load-history yet.
((equal load "cus-edit"))
;; This would ignore load problems with files in
;; lisp/term/
;; ((locate-library (concat term-file-prefix load)))
;; (condition-case nil (load load) (error nil))
(condition-case alpha
(load load)
(push (list symbol load) cus-test-deps-loaded))
(push (list symbol load alpha) cus-test-deps-errors)
(message "Load Problem: %s %s %s" symbol load alpha))))
(message "%s features required"
(length cus-test-deps-required))
(message "%s files loaded"
(length cus-test-deps-loaded))
(if (not cus-test-deps-errors)
(message "No load problems encountered")
(message "The following load problems appeared:")
(cus-test-message cus-test-deps-errors))
(run-hooks 'cus-test-after-load-libs-hook))
(defun cus-test-libs ()
"Load the libraries with autoloads in separate processes.
This function is useful to detect load problems of libraries.
It is suitable for batch mode. E.g., invoke
src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-libs
in the Emacs source directory."
(setq cus-test-libs-errors nil)
(setq cus-test-libs-loaded nil)
(cd source-directory)
(if (not (file-executable-p "src/emacs"))
(error "No Emacs executable in %ssrc" default-directory))
(lambda (file)
(condition-case alpha
(let (fn cmd status)
(setq fn (locate-library file))
(if (not fn)
(error "Library %s not found" file))
(setq cmd (concat "src/emacs -batch -l " fn))
(setq status (call-process shell-file-name nil nil nil
shell-command-switch cmd))
(if (equal status 0)
(message "%s" file)
(error "%s" status))
(push file cus-test-libs-loaded))
(push (cons file alpha) cus-test-libs-errors)
(message "Error for %s: %s" file alpha))))
(message "Default Directory: %s" default-directory)
(message "%s libraries had no load errors"
(length cus-test-libs-loaded))
(if (not cus-test-libs-errors)
(message "No load problems encountered")
(message "The following load problems appeared:")
(cus-test-message cus-test-libs-errors))
(run-hooks 'cus-test-after-load-libs-hook)))
(defun cus-test-noloads ()
"Find custom options not loaded by `custom-load-symbol'.
Calling this function after `cus-test-load-libs' is not meaningful.
It is suitable for batch mode. E.g., invoke
src/emacs -batch -l admin/cus-test.el -f cus-test-noloads
in the Emacs source directory."
(let (cus-loaded)
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-custom-loads)
(setq cus-loaded
(cus-test-get-options ""))
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-libs)
(setq cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded
(cus-test-get-options ""))
(dolist (o cus-loaded)
(setq cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded
(delete o cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded)))
(if (not cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded)
(message "No options not loaded by custom-load-symbol found")
(message "The following options were not loaded by custom-load-symbol:")
(sort cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded 'string<)))))
;; And last but not least a quiz:
;; Evaluation of the form (customize-option 'debug-on-error) yields a
;; *Customize* buffer with a mismatch mess. Why?
(provide 'cus-test)
;;; cus-test.el ends here
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