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#ifndef _LWLIB_UTILS_H_
#define _LWLIB_UTILS_H_
void XtNoClearRefreshWidget (Widget);
typedef void (*XtApplyToWidgetsProc) (Widget, XtPointer);
typedef void* (*XtApplyUntilToWidgetsProc) (Widget, XtPointer);
void XtApplyToWidgets (Widget, XtApplyToWidgetsProc, XtPointer);
void *XtApplyUntilToWidgets (Widget, XtApplyUntilToWidgetsProc, XtPointer);
Widget *XtCompositeChildren (Widget, unsigned int *);
/* returns True is the widget is being destroyed, False otherwise */
XtWidgetBeingDestroyedP (Widget widget);
#endif /* _LWLIB_UTILS_H_ */
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