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Bump version to 24.2.91.

Regenerate ldefs-boot.el and AUTHORS.
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Chong Yidong
Chong Yidong committed Dec 15, 2012
1 parent 042daca commit 61daae456569f3ce18a8503b9b15bea3aff810d8
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  6. +769 −775 lisp/ldefs-boot.el
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.
-This directory tree holds version 24.2.90 of GNU Emacs, the extensible,
+This directory tree holds version 24.2.91 of GNU Emacs, the extensible,
customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
The file INSTALL in this directory says how to build and install GNU
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ dnl You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
dnl along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
-AC_INIT(emacs, 24.2.90)
+AC_INIT(emacs, 24.2.91)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
@c It would be nicer to generate this using configure and @version@.
@c However, that would mean emacsver.texi would always be newer
@c then the info files in release tarfiles.
-@set EMACSVER 24.2.90
+@set EMACSVER 24.2.91
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
.\" See section COPYING for copyright and redistribution information.
-.TH EMACS 1 "2007 April 13" "GNU Emacs 24.2.90"
+.TH EMACS 1 "2007 April 13" "GNU Emacs 24.2.91"
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ Andreas Rottmann: changed emacsclient.1 emacsclient.c misc.texi server.el
Andreas Schwab: changed lisp.h xdisp.c alloc.c
process.c coding.c files.el keyboard.c emacs.c fileio.c xterm.c
editfns.c print.c fns.c eval.c lread.c xfns.c font.c buffer.c sysdep.c
- and 605 other files
+ and 606 other files
Andreas Seltenreich: changed nnweb.el gnus.texi message.el gnus-sum.el
gnus.el nnslashdot.el gnus-srvr.el gnus-util.el mm-url.el mm-uu.el
@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ and changed org.el org-agenda.el org.texi org-clock.el org-html.el
org-capture.el org-table.el org-exp.el ob.el org-publish.el
org-timer.el org-colview.el org-mobile.el org-archive.el org-compat.el
org-faces.el org-id.el org-pcomplete.el org-export-latex.el
- org-ascii.el org-icalendar.el and 83 other files
+ org-ascii.el org-icalendar.el and 84 other files
Ben A. Mesander: co-wrote erc-dcc.el
@@ -531,8 +531,8 @@ Chong Yidong: wrote compile-tests.el dichromacy-theme.el
and co-wrote longlines.el tango-dark-theme.el tango-theme.el
and changed simple.el xdisp.c display.texi files.el frames.texi
cus-edit.el files.texi subr.el custom.el keyboard.c text.texi
- startup.el faces.el package.el misc.texi emacs.texi mouse.el image.c
- window.el custom.texi xterm.c and 938 other files
+ startup.el faces.el package.el misc.texi emacs.texi mouse.el
+ custom.texi image.c window.el xterm.c and 938 other files
Chris Chase: co-wrote idlw-shell.el idlwave.el
@@ -627,7 +627,7 @@ Christopher J. White: changed url-http.el
Christopher Oliver: changed mouse.el
Christopher Schmidt: changed ibuffer.el cl-macs.el files.el files.texi
- gnus-msg.el gnus.texi help-fns.el pp.el
+ gnus-msg.el gnus.texi help-fns.el lread.c pp.el
Christopher Suckling: co-wrote org-mac-message.el
@@ -708,7 +708,8 @@ and changed vc.el vc-hg.el vc-git.el vc-bzr.el
Dan Rosenberg: changed movemail.c
Dani Moncayo: changed buffers.texi lists.texi makefile.w32-in mini.texi
- basic.texi custom.texi dired.texi display.texi mark.texi text.texi
+ basic.texi custom.texi dired.texi display.texi killing.texi mark.texi
+ simple.el text.texi
Daniel Bergey: changed quail/indian.el
@@ -908,7 +909,7 @@ and co-wrote util-modes.el
and changed w32menu.c w32term.c close.png close.xpm empty.png empty.xpm
end-guide.png end-guide.xpm files.el guide.png guide.xpm handle.png
handle.xpm keyboard.c leaf.png leaf.xpm no-guide.png no-guide.xpm
- no-handle.png no-handle.xpm open.png and 20 other files
+ no-handle.png no-handle.xpm open.png and 22 other files
David Reitter: wrote mailclient.el
and changed nsterm.m nsfns.m ns-win.el nsfont.m cus-start.el
@@ -1161,7 +1162,7 @@ and changed info.el rmail.el speedbspec.el cedet.el ede.texi eieio.texi
gud.el sb-dir-minus.xpm sb-dir-plus.xpm sb-dir.xpm sb-mail.xpm
sb-pg-minus.xpm sb-pg-plus.xpm sb-pg.xpm sb-tag-gt.xpm sb-tag-minus.xpm
sb-tag-plus.xpm sb-tag-type.xpm sb-tag-v.xpm sb-tag.xpm
- and 25 other files
+ and 28 other files
Eric Marsden: changed gnus-cache.el url-util.el
@@ -1196,6 +1197,8 @@ Eric Youngdale: changed etags-vmslib.c
Eric Yu: changed speedbar.texi
+Erik Hetzner: changed org.el
Erik Naggum: wrote disp-table.el mailheader.el parse-time.el
and changed simple.el emacs.c files.el lread.c rmail.el alloc.c editfns.c
keyboard.c apropos.el dispnew.c filelock.c fns.c keymap.c
@@ -1235,10 +1238,11 @@ Fabrice Bauzac: changed dired-aux.el
Fabrice Niessen: changed org-agenda.el
-Fabrice Popineau: changed nmake.defs w32.c w32heap.c addsection.c alloc.c
- config.nt dispextern.h emacs-x64.manifest emacs-x86.manifest emacs.c
- etags.c fileio.c frame.c gmake.defs gmalloc.c gnus-cache.el image.c
- inc/ms-w32.h inttypes.h lisp.h make-docfile.c and 17 other files
+Fabrice Popineau: changed w32.c w32fns.c nmake.defs w32heap.c
+ addsection.c alloc.c config.nt dispextern.h emacs-x64.manifest
+ emacs-x86.manifest emacs.c etags.c fileio.c frame.c gmake.defs
+ gmalloc.c gnus-cache.el image.c inc/ms-w32.h inttypes.h lisp.h
+ and 18 other files
Fan Kai: changed esh-arg.el
@@ -1410,8 +1414,8 @@ Giuseppe Scrivano: changed browse-url.el buffer.c sysdep.c
Glenn Morris: wrote automated/f90.el automated/vc-bzr.el check-declare.el
and changed calendar.el diary-lib.el rmail.el
files.el progmodes/f90.el cal-menu.el emacs.texi appt.el bytecomp.el
- cal-hebrew.el holidays.el make-dist fortran.el ack.texi makefile.w32-in
- calendar.texi cal-tex.el simple.el sed1v2.inp and 1346 other files
+ cal-hebrew.el makefile.w32-in holidays.el make-dist fortran.el ack.texi
+ calendar.texi cal-tex.el simple.el sed1v2.inp and 1349 other files
Glynn Clements: wrote gamegrid.el snake.el tetris.el
@@ -2010,7 +2014,7 @@ Juanma Barranquero: wrote emacs-lock.el
and changed makefile.w32-in subr.el w32fns.c server.el emacsclient.c
files.el bs.el config.nt help-fns.el faces.el org.el simple.el xdisp.c
buffer.c w32.c ido.el keyboard.c w32term.c desktop.el process.c
- window.c and 1097 other files
+ window.c and 1098 other files
Juergen Kreileder: changed imap.el nnimap.el
@@ -2349,7 +2353,7 @@ and changed fortran.el ispell.el sendmail.el cmuscheme.el comint.el
lisp.el man.el minibuf.c rcs2log rmail.el simple.el terminal.el
text-mode.el tpu-edt.el and 3 other files
-Le Wang: changed misc.el
+Le Wang: changed org-src.el hilit-chg.el misc.el
Leigh Stoller: changed emacsclient.c server.el
@@ -2363,8 +2367,8 @@ and changed nxml-mode.el tutorial.el window.el ada-xref.el buff-menu.el
Lennart Staflin: changed dired.el diary-ins.el diary-lib.el tq.el xdisp.c
-Leo Liu: changed rcirc.el ido.el abbrev.el progmodes/python.el
- makefile.w32-in subr.el diff-mode.el files.el font-lock.el
+Leo Liu: changed rcirc.el ido.el abbrev.el progmodes/python.el files.el
+ makefile.w32-in subr.el diff-mode.el font-lock.el
cc-cmds.el dnd.el em-hist.el erc.el flymake.el fns.c
footnote.el fringe.c help-mode.el and 78 other files
@@ -2686,7 +2690,7 @@ Michael Gschwind: wrote iso-cvt.el
Michael Harnois: changed nnimap.el
-Michael Heerdegen: changed wdired.el
+Michael Heerdegen: changed emacs-lisp/debug.el wdired.el
Michael Hotchin: changed progmodes/compile.el
@@ -2915,6 +2919,8 @@ and changed org-list.el org.el org-footnote.el org-exp.el org-latex.el
org.texi org-archive.el org-macs.el org-mouse.el org-table.el ob-exp.el
and 7 other files
+Nicolas Richard: changed
Niels Giesen: changed icalendar.el org-agenda.el org-clock.el
org-docbook.el org-icalendar.el org-latex.el org-table.el
@@ -3019,7 +3025,7 @@ and changed imenu.el make-mode.el
Paul Eggert: wrote rcs2log
and co-wrote cal-dst.el
and changed lisp.h alloc.c editfns.c xdisp.c
- sysdep.c process.c keyboard.c image.c fileio.c emacs.c xterm.c data.c
+ sysdep.c process.c keyboard.c fileio.c image.c emacs.c xterm.c data.c
dispextern.h fns.c lread.c buffer.c eval.c xfns.c xfaces.c
and 709 other files
@@ -3192,7 +3198,7 @@ Puneeth Chaganti: changed org.texi org-exp.el org-agenda.el
R. Bernstein: changed gud.el
-Rafael Laboissiere: changed org.el org.texi
+Rafael Laboissiere: changed org-remember.el org-bibtex.el org.el org.texi
Rafael Sepúlveda: changed
@@ -3272,7 +3278,8 @@ Richard G. Bielawski: changed modes.texi paren.el
Richard Hoskins: changed message.el
Richard Kim: wrote wisent/python.el
-and changed db-global.el loading.texi python-wy.el texnfo-upd.el
+and changed bovine.texi db-global.el loading.texi python-wy.el
+ texnfo-upd.el wisent.texi
Richard King: wrote filelock.c uniquify.el userlock.el
@@ -3370,8 +3377,8 @@ and changed compile.el add-log.el files.el vc.el
Roland Winkler: wrote proced.el
and changed bibtex.el process.c appt.el artist.el conf-mode.el
- flyspell.el hideshow.el ibuf-ext.el ibuffer.el ispell.el make-mode.el
- sgml-mode.el sh-script.el skeleton.el smtpmail.el
+ diary-lib.el flyspell.el hideshow.el ibuf-ext.el ibuffer.el ispell.el
+ make-mode.el sgml-mode.el sh-script.el skeleton.el smtpmail.el
Rolf Ebert: co-wrote ada-mode.el ada-stmt.el ada-xref.el
and changed files.el find-file.el
@@ -3611,7 +3618,7 @@ and co-wrote font-lock.el
and changed subr.el simple.el vc.el lisp.h files.el keyboard.c
bytecomp.el alloc.c progmodes/compile.el xdisp.c keymap.c
pcvs.el newcomment.el tex-mode.el eval.c vc-hooks.el cl-macs.el
- sh-script.el buffer.c fileio.c and 1090 other files
+ sh-script.el buffer.c fileio.c and 1091 other files
Stefan Reichör: changed gnus-agent.el
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