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Add info about ssh/cvs related problems and work-around.

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Kim F. Storm
Kim F. Storm committed Feb 17, 2004
1 parent a91d92e commit 74293f9750d0ce2b8e10b5cfd1a5c1e681f7d0e0
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@@ -48,3 +48,29 @@ Questions, requests, and bug reports about the CVS versions of Emacs
should be sent to rather than
or gnu.emacs.bug. Ideally, use M-x report-emacs-bug RET which will
send it to the proper place.
+Note on using SSH to access the CVS repository from inside emacs
+Write access to the CVS repository requires using SSH v2.
+If you execute cvs commands inside emacs, specifically if you use
+pcl-cvs, output from CVS may be lost due to a problem in the
+interface between ssh, cvs, and emacs. Corrupted checkins are
+also been reported to have happened.
+To fix the problem, save the following script into a file, make it
+executable, and set CVS_RSH to the file name of the script:
+exec 2> >(exec cat >&2 2>/dev/null)
+exec ssh "$@"
+This may be combined with the following entry in ~/.ssh/config to
+simplify accessing the CVS repository:
+ Protocol 2
+ ForwardX11 no

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