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Mention that 7.92 is the third 8.0 beta release.

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* Changes in MH-E 7.92
-Version 7.92 removes the "sed -i" in the Makefile (SF #1432060), tunes
-the setting of `mh-image-load-path', works around systems that do not
-have face inheritance, fixes several issues with searching on XEmacs,
-and creates the correct MIME type when including OpenOffice documents.
+Version 7.92, the third 8.0 beta release, removes the "sed -i" in the
+Makefile (SF #1432060), tunes the setting of `mh-image-load-path',
+works around systems that do not have face inheritance, fixes several
+issues with searching on XEmacs, and creates the correct MIME type
+when including OpenOffice documents.
* Changes in MH-E 7.91

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