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nsterm: fix declaration of new Lisp variable

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1 parent 8022be8 commit e4c68b13897aad6fa11cde22430983725b7c69ad @davidswelt committed Jul 5, 2012
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@@ -7585,7 +7585,7 @@ function key (on laptops). Set to control, meta, alt, super, or hyper
baseline level. The default value is nil. */);
x_underline_at_descent_line = 0;
- DEFVAR_LISP ("ns-true-dpi-images-filename-string", Vns_true_dpi_images_filename_string,
+ DEFVAR_LISP ("ns-true-dpi-images-filename-string", &Vns_true_dpi_images_filename_string,
doc: /* String to recognize images to be displayed in their true size.
If set to a string, Emacs (NS only) will look for this string in the filename of
each image to be loaded, and if the string is found, will scale the image so that

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