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build intel architecture only

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1 parent e15c738 commit e8b8f5816487b12aa0cea7ea76c29f0f89dbef17 @davidswelt committed May 21, 2013
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@@ -33,13 +33,14 @@ XC_PPC_OPT='-fdefer-pop -fguess-branch-probability -fcprop-registers -fif-conv
-architectures="ppc i386"
+# defaults
i386_CFLAGS="-O3 -fno-tree-pre -falign-loops -g -arch i386"
i386_LDFLAGS="-O3 -fno-tree-pre -falign-loops -g -arch i386"
ppc_CFLAGS="$XC_PPC_OPT -arch ppc"
ppc_LDFLAGS="$XC_PPC_OPT -arch ppc"

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