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tag: libc-951105

Oct 16, 1995

  1. * config.guess: Recognize HP model 819 machines has having

            a PA 1.1 processor.
    Jeff Law authored
  2. Corg-kun

    Minor fixes.

    Corg-kun authored
  3. Corg-kun

    Fix format example.

    Corg-kun authored

Oct 15, 1995

  1. Corg-kun

    (x_window, both versions): Add HAVE_X_I18N support.

    Corg-kun authored
  2. Corg-kun

    (HAVE_X_I18N): New macro.

    Maybe include Xlocale.h.
    (struct x_output): New field xic.
    (FRAME_XIC): New macro.
    Corg-kun authored
  3. Corg-kun

    (he-transfer-case): Fix typo in prev change.

    Corg-kun authored
  4. Repair line wrapping damage.

    Erik Naggum authored
  5. Corg-kun

    (find_section): New function.

    (unexec): Use it.  Also simplify previous changes.
    Corg-kun authored
  6. Corg-kun

    (unexec): Find the old data section.

    New variable new_offsets_shift used instead of new_data2_size
    since they are not always the same.  Simplify logic for copying
    the headers and inserting new ones.
    Corg-kun authored

Oct 14, 1995

  1. Corg-kun

    (Finsert_file_contents): If replacing,

    set selected_window->start_at_line_beg.
    Corg-kun authored
  2. Corg-kun

    (Qdisplay_table): New variable.

    (syms_of_display): Initialize it.
    Corg-kun authored
  3. Corg-kun

    (Qchar_table_extra_slots): New variable.

    (syms_of_alloc): Initialize it.
    (Fmake_char_table): Take new arg PURPOSE and get N from a property.
    Corg-kun authored
  4. Corg-kun

    (Qsyntax_table): New variable.

    (init_syntax_once): Call Fmake_char_table the new way.
    Set up Qsyntax_table.
    (Fsyntax_table_p): Check the `purpose' field.
    Corg-kun authored
  5. (ediff-version): is now autoloaded.

    Michael Kifer authored
  6. Moved defsubsts up.

    Michael Kifer authored
  7. Now defines [window] in menu-bar-ediff-menu.

    Michael Kifer authored
  8. (vip-set-hooks): Use view-mode-hook in emacs and view

    hook in xemacs.
    (vip-read-string-with-history): minibuffer-setup-hook no longer
    waits for the user to type, if there are unread events.
    Added (vip-leave-region-active) to all simple movement commands.
    Harnessed view-minor-mode.
    Viper now understands syntactic tables.
    (vip-read-string-with-history,vip-search): won't pause inside
    macros any more.
    Michael Kifer authored
  9. (vip-leave-region-active): new function.

    Michael Kifer authored
  10. * viper-mous.el (vip-surrounding-word): modified to understand trippl…

    …e clicks.
    Michael Kifer authored
  11. (vip-record-kbd-macro): correctly escapes `.' and `[' now.

    Michael Kifer authored
  12. (ex-write): uses better defaults.

    Michael Kifer authored
  13. Corg-kun

    (variable-at-point, function-called-at-point):

    Switch temporarily to emacs-lisp-mode-syntax-table.
    Corg-kun authored

Oct 13, 1995

  1. Corg-kun

    Initial revision

    Corg-kun authored
  2. Corg-kun

    (hippie-expand): Removed bug - don't undo from another buffer.

    (he-reset-string): Removed bug - don't move markers.
    (he-capitalize-first): New function, defining new "case".
    (he-transfer-case): New function.
    (he-transfer-case-ok): Function removed.
    (he-substitute-string,he-ordinary-case-p,he-string-member): Use the
    new functions above, for the new case handling.
    (he-file-name-chars): New variable.
    (he-file-name-beg): Use `he-file-name-chars'.
    he-file-directory-p,he-concat-directory-file-name): New functions
    to handle VMS and PC filename formats more accurately.
    (try-complete-file-name,try-complete-file-name-partially): Use the
    new functions above.
    try-expand-dabbrev-all-buffers): Use `case-fold-search' from the
    original buffer.
    (he-line-beg): Removed bug that made point move.
    (try-expand-all-abbrevs): Check that abbrev tables exist before use.
    (try-expand-dabbrev-visible): New try function.
    (he-search-window): New variable used by `try-expand-dabbrev-visible'.
    (he-dab-search-regexp): Function removed.
    (he-dab-search): Renamed to `he-dabbrev-search'.
    (he-dabbrev-search): Find only whole matching symbols.
    (he-dabbrev-skip-space): New variable.
    (he-dabbrev-beg): Use `he-dabbrev-skip-space'.
    (try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill,he-dabbrev-kill-search): New try
    function, with requisites.
    (try-expand-whole-kill,he-whole-kill-search,he-kill-beg): New try
    function, with requisites.
    (he-search-loc2): New variable, used by `try-expand-whole-kill'
    and `try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill'.
    (hippie-expand-try-functions-list): Added the try functions
    `try-complete-file-name-partially', `try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill'
    and `try-complete-lisp-symbol-partially'.
    (Several functions): Adjusted and corrected use of `he-tried-table'.
    Corg-kun authored
  3. Minor fixes.

    Edward M. Reingold authored

Oct 12, 1995

  1. Corg-kun

    (x_connection_signal_1): New function.

    (x_connection_signal): Try all the server connections
    to see which one was lost.
    (XTcondemn_scroll_bars): No error if
    FRAME_CONDEMNED_SCROLL_BARS is non-nil already.
    Just move all the scroll bars into there.
    Corg-kun authored
  2. Corg-kun

    *** empty log message ***

    Corg-kun authored
  3. Corg-kun

    Handle aliases dead-acute,...

    Corg-kun authored
  4. Corg-kun

    (struct Lisp_Char_Table): New slot `purpose'.

    Corg-kun authored
  5. Corg-kun

    (describe_vector): Support nested char-tables.

    Corg-kun authored
  6. Corg-kun

    (Qvector_or_char_table_p): New variable.

    (Fvector_or_char_table_p): New function.
    (syms_of_data): Set up Lisp var and function.
    Corg-kun authored
  7. Corg-kun

    (display-table-slot, set-display-table-slot):

    Get slot number from a property of its name.
    Eliminate the type-checking.
    (make-display-table): Call make-char-table the new way.
    (describe-display-table): Use slot names to access slots.
    (display-table): Give it the char-table-extra-slots property.
    (display-table-char-p, display-table-vector-p): Functions deleted.
    (display-table-slot-name-alist): Variable deleted.
    Corg-kun authored
  8. Corg-kun

    (Fdelete_other_windows): Set w->force_start.

    Corg-kun authored
  9. Corg-kun

    (variable-at-point, function-called-at-point): Fix revious changes.

    Corg-kun authored
  10. Corg-kun

    (syms_of_xdisp): Doc fix.

    Corg-kun authored
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