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tag: libc-951212
Commits on Dec 12, 1995
Commits on Dec 11, 1995
Commits on Dec 9, 1995
  1. Don't turn on in any buffer with a leading space in its name.

    Simon Marshall authored
    When (un)fontifying, make sure we're doing it in the whole buffer.
    Make a command to refontify the window.
  2. Lars Ingebrigtsen

    (gnus-simplify-mode-line): New function to simplify the

    larsmagne authored
    mode line in a safer manner.
    (gnus-group-mode, gnus-browse-mode, gnus-summary-mode,
    gnus-article-mode, gnus-server-mode): Use the function.
Commits on Dec 8, 1995
  1. Lars Ingebrigtsen
Commits on Dec 7, 1995
  1. (add-log-tcl-defun): Don't use tcl-beginning-of-defun; just go to end

    Tom Tromey authored
    of line before searching.
  2. * etags.c (Cplusplus_suffixes): Add .M suffix for Objective C++.

    Francesco Potortì authored
    	(gperf): Added keywords for Objective C and GNU macros.
    	(sym_type): Added values to account for Objective C and GNU macros.
    	(begtk): The '@' character can start a token.
    	(objdef, methodlen, objtag): New variables for Objective C.
    	(consider_token, C_entries): Added code for Objective C.
    	(plain_C_suffixes): Add .m and .lm for Objective C.
    	(Yacc_suffixes): Add .ym for Objective yacc.
    	(GROW_LINEBUFFER): New macro.
    	(consider_token, C_entries, Pascal_functions): Use the new macro.
    	(consider_token): Take one more argument.  Caller changed.
    	(consider_token): Use the hashing function to spot GNU macros.
    	(C_entries): Consider // as a comment start even in plain C for
    	the sake of Objective C parsing.
    	(pfnote): Don't make a tag for ctags if there is no name.
    	(getit, Asm_labels, Perl_functions, Pascal_functions, L_getit,
    	get_scheme, prolog_getit): Name the tag in ctags mode.
    	(pfnote): Truncate ctags lines to 50 chars, like it worked once.
    	(Perl_interpreters): Accept "@PERL@" as an interpreter.
    	(suggest_asking_for_help): New function.
    	(main, get_language_from_name): Use suggest_asking_for_help.
    	(main): Let get_language_from_name make language existence check.
    	(streq, strneq): Check the arguments #if DEBUG.
  3. * (ctags): depend on etags only for simplicity;

    Francesco Potortì authored
     	compile with regexp support enabled.
Commits on Dec 6, 1995
  1. Lars Ingebrigtsen

    * gnus.el (gnus-parse-headers-hook): New hook.

    larsmagne authored
    (gnus-get-newsgroup-headers): Call it.
    (gnus-get-newsgroup-headers-xover): Call it.
    (gnus-group-mode-map): Moved `gnus-group-fetch-faq' from `M-f' to
    `H f'.
    (gnus-summary-copy-article): Allow respooling to any backend.
    (gnus-summary-set-process-mark): Make sure each article can only
    be process marked once.
    (gnus-summary-remove-lines-marked-with): Put point on a valid
    article after removing lines.
    (gnus-summary-sort-by-author): Didn't allow sorting when
    pseudo-articles were present.
    (gnus-summary-sort-by-subject): Ditto.
  2. (recover-file): Also recover new, unsaved files.

    Erik Naggum authored
  3. Recognize aof in the OS field.

    Erich Stefan Boleyn authored
  4. Fix misspelled comment.

    Paul Eggert authored
Commits on Dec 5, 1995
  1. More repairs of wrong function names in menus!

    Edward M. Reingold authored
  2. Repair function names from rms error in modifying!

    Edward M. Reingold authored
  3. Autoload diary-iso-date.

    Edward M. Reingold authored
  4. Chnaged all occurrences of buffer-substring to buffer-substring-no-pr…

    Edward M. Reingold authored
  5. Fixed dst-in-effect for southern hemisphere. Also made doc string cle…

    Edward M. Reingold authored
Commits on Dec 4, 1995
  1. * config.guess: Recognize HP model 816 machines as having

    Jeff Law authored
            a PA1.1 processor.
Commits on Dec 3, 1995
  1. (copyright-regexp): Recognize ISO copyright symbol.

    Karl Heuer authored
    (copyright-update): Pattern is now match #2, not #1.
Commits on Dec 1, 1995
  1. Corg-kun

    (isearch-edit-string): Consider the case when

    Corg-kun authored
    iserch-string is empty and so are the search rings.
  2. Corg-kun

    (gud-sdb-marker-filter): start may be nil, so check it

    Corg-kun authored
    with numberp before using it.
  3. Corg-kun
  4. Corg-kun
Commits on Nov 30, 1995
  1. * config.guess: Recognize Pentium under SCO.

    Per Bothner authored
  2. (tputs): Don't let ospeed overrun the speeds array.

    David J. MacKenzie authored
  3. Add missing backslash.

    Erik Naggum authored
  4. (calendar-chinese-sexagesimal-name): Renamed from

    Paul Eggert authored
    calendar-chinese-sexagisimal-name to fix misspelling.
  5. (holiday-rosh-hashanah-etc): Fix misspelled var.

    Paul Eggert authored
  6. (calendar-absolute-from-astro): Doc fix.

    Paul Eggert authored
  7. (calendar-next-calendar-round-date, calendar-previous-calendar-round-…

    Paul Eggert authored
    Doc fix.
  8. (calendar-setup, calendar-basic-setup, calendar-next-calendar-round-d…

    Paul Eggert authored
    calendar-previous-calendar-round-date, cal-tex-cursor-year): Doc fix.
  9. (list-sexp-diary-entries): Doc fix.

    Paul Eggert authored
  10. (holiday-easter-etc): Fix misspelling of "Whitmonday".

    Paul Eggert authored
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