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Tag: libc-961120
Commits on Nov 19, 1996
  1. If no sys/param.h, default to 8k.

    David J. MacKenzie authored
  2. Indent for readability.

    David J. MacKenzie authored
  3. [__DJGPP__ >= 2] (dos_direct_output): Faster method of

    Karl Heuer authored
    writing characters to the screen.
    (SCREEN_SET_CURSOR): Remove.
    (IT_display_cursor): New function, to turn the cursor on and off.
    (IT_cmgoto): New function, sets the cursor to its final position
    whenever frame update is complete.
    (internal_terminal_init): Set IT_cmgoto as the hook to be called
    when frame is up to date.
    (dos_rawgetc): Call IT_cmgoto instead of the SCREEN_SET_CURSOR
    macro (which is gone now).
    (XMenuActivate): Turn off the cursor while the menu is displayed,
    to prevent it from showing through the menu panes.
  4. (x-defined-colors): Use color names from w32-color-map.

    Geoff Voelker authored
  5. Use new name ms-w32.h for windowsnt.h

    Geoff Voelker authored
  6. Use new name w32.h for nt.h

    Geoff Voelker authored
  7. Use new names for w32 files

    Geoff Voelker authored
  8. Use new file name w32-fns.el

    Geoff Voelker authored
  9. Use new file name dos-w32.el

    Geoff Voelker authored
  10. Use w32 instead of ms-windows for window-system symbol

    Geoff Voelker authored
  11. (init_display) [HAVE_NTGUI]: Use w32 for window-system.

    Geoff Voelker authored
  12. Change identifiers of the form win32* to w32*.

    Geoff Voelker authored
  13. (special-display-p, same-window-p): Add missing

    Geoff Voelker authored
    newlines and backslashes in help strings.
Commits on Nov 17, 1996
  1. (write-contents-hooks): Doc fix.

    Karl Heuer authored
  2. *** empty log message ***

    Karl Heuer authored
  3. Initial revision

    Karl Heuer authored
Commits on Nov 16, 1996
  1. Use simpler fn.

    Simon Marshall authored
  2. use simpler fn.

    Simon Marshall authored
  3. (a) split lazy-lock-defer-time into lazy-lock-defer-time and lazy-loc…

    Simon Marshall authored
    …k-defer-on-the-fly, (b) add lazy-lock-defer-on-scrolling, (c) use these to choose one of lazy-lock-defer-line-after-change, lazy-lock-defer-rest-after-change, lazy-lock-fontify-line-after-change, lazy-lock-fontify-rest-after-change to add to after-change-functions, (d) use with-current-buffer rather than save-excursion, (e) avoid integer overflow in lazy-lock-percent-fontified.
  4. (a) make fast-lock-get-face-properties cope with face property lists,…

    Simon Marshall authored
    … (b) add fast-lock-verbose to control messages.
  5. (a) add font-lock-keywords-alist, (b) fix compilation of quoted conse…

    Simon Marshall authored
    …s in keyword form, (c) make simple font-lock-match-c-style-declaration-item-and-skip-to-next and more complex font-lock-match-c++-style-declaration-item-and-skip-to-next.
Commits on Nov 14, 1996
  1. (resize-minibuffer-frame-restore): Don't assume

    Karl Heuer authored
    minibuffer frame is selected.
  2. (report-emacs-bug): Reorder arguments.

    Erik Naggum authored
  3. Bunch of updates. See ChangeLog.

    Per Bothner authored
Commits on Nov 13, 1996
  1. (message-mode): Doc fix.

    Erik Naggum authored
  2. Wed Nov 13 17:51:29 1996 Francesco Potorti` <>

    Francesco Potortì authored
    	* etags.c (grow_linebuffer): New function.
    	(GROW_LINEBUFFER): Macro deleted.  All callers changed.
    	(make_tag): Macro renamed to make_C_tag.  All callers changed.
    	(<stdlib.h>, <string.h>) [STDC_HEADERS]: New #include's.
    	(Prolog_functions): prolog_skip_comment was called with wrong
    	number of arguments.
    	(xrealloc): fatal was called with wrong number of arguments
  3. (report-emacs-bug): New argument recent-keys read before bug subject

    Erik Naggum authored
    to capture more relevant recent input.
Commits on Nov 12, 1996
  1. cosmetic tweaks

    David J. MacKenzie authored
  2. @Corg-kun

    (redisplay_window): When handling scroll_conservatively,

    Corg-kun authored
    scroll a little farther for the sake of scroll_margin.
  3. @Corg-kun
  4. @Corg-kun
  5. more bug fixes

    David J. MacKenzie authored
  6. @Corg-kun

    (isearch-complete1): If no completion,

    Corg-kun authored
    don't clobber isearch-string, and return nil.
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