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tag: libc-961210
Commits on Dec 7, 1996
  1. (PENTIUM:CPunix:4.0*:*): New case.

    Richard Kenner authored
  2. @Corg-kun

    (mouse-drag-mode-line): Don't get error

    Corg-kun authored
    about sole window, if we don't actually try to change the size.
  3. @Corg-kun

    (isearch-no-upper-case-p): Use downcase

    Corg-kun authored
    so that we handle arbitrary kinds of casification.
  4. @Corg-kun

    (mail-reply-action): Renamed from mail-reply-buffer.

    Corg-kun authored
    (mail-yank-original): Handle either an action or a buffer
    in mail-reply-action.
    (mail): Doc fix.
    (mail-mode-fill-paragraph): New function.
    (mail-mode): Set fill-paragraph-function.
  5. @Corg-kun

    (rmail-start-mail): Rewrite to use compose-mail.

    Corg-kun authored
    Two new arguments.
    (rmail-forward): Always call rmail-start-mail, never `mail'.
  6. @Corg-kun

    (compose-mail): Handle several more args:

    Corg-kun authored
    other-headers continue switch-function yank-action send-action.
    (sendmail-user-agent): Rewrite to handle new args.
    (assoc-ignore-case): New function.
    (define-mail-user-agent): Doc fix.
  7. @Corg-kun
  8. @Corg-kun
  9. @Corg-kun

    (thing-at-point-url-chars): Allow period.

    Corg-kun authored
    (url): Move back over periods at the end.
    Downcase arguments as Lisp symbols.
    Fix many doc strings.
    (thing-at-point-file-name-chars): Renamed from file-name-chars.
    Allow a colon.
    (thing-at-point-url-chars): New variable.
    (url): Define new kind of "thing".
  10. @Corg-kun

    (MAYBE_GC): New macro.

    Corg-kun authored
    (Fbyte_code): Use MAYBE_GC in every goto opcode.
  11. @Corg-kun
  12. @Corg-kun

    Recognize vax-*-netbsd*.

    Corg-kun authored
  13. @Corg-kun

    (etags-file-of-tag): Expand the file name

    Corg-kun authored
    using the truename of default-directory.
  14. @Corg-kun

    (sendmail-user-agent): Support 2 optional args.

    Corg-kun authored
    (define-mail-user-agent): Doc fix.
  15. @Corg-kun

    (byte-compile-insert-header): If emacs-version

    Corg-kun authored
    ends with a letter, don't check the version number.
  16. @Corg-kun
  17. @Corg-kun

    (mouse-major-mode-menu): Propagate prefix arg

    Corg-kun authored
    to the command that is run.
  18. @Corg-kun
  19. @Corg-kun
  20. @Corg-kun

    Fixed syntax table for quotes since they messed up

    Corg-kun authored
    highlighting in comments and other constructions.
  21. @Corg-kun

    (dired-omit-size-limit): New variable.

    Corg-kun authored
    (dired-omit-toggle, dired-omit-expunge): Respect it.
  22. @Corg-kun

    Get rid of RCS id.

    Corg-kun authored
  23. @Corg-kun
Commits on Dec 6, 1996
  1. (backup-buffer): Doc fix.

    Karl Heuer authored
  2. (IT_cmgoto): Don't update FRAME_CURSOR_X when the cursor

    Karl Heuer authored
    is in echo area.
  3. (imenu): Support integers used as positions.

    Karl Heuer authored
  4. (ange-ftp-normal-login): If using a smart gateway,

    Karl Heuer authored
    but ange-ftp-gateway-host is nil, generate the login name
    in the usual simple way.
Commits on Dec 5, 1996
  1. (syms_of_keyboard): Doc fix.

    Karl Heuer authored
  2. (Info-follow-reference): Add each cross-reference to

    Karl Heuer authored
    completions list just once, case-insensitively.
  3. (PC-do-completion): Remove text properties from

    Karl Heuer authored
    completions; also use string-equal instead of equal.
Commits on Dec 4, 1996
  1. * etags.c (C_entries): Test tok.valid. This handles some

    Francesco Potortì authored
    	particular cases involving function declarations that failed.
    	* etags.c (pfnote, fatal, error): Callers using a NULL pointer
    	must cast it to (char *) because we have no prototypes.
    	(make_C_tag): Macro deleted, new function.
    	(C_entries): Calls to make_C_tag macro changed to call function.
Commits on Nov 21, 1996
  1. Revert last change.

    Unknown authored
  2. * config.sub: Recognize gnu-gnu* along with linux-gnu* as a valid

    Unknown authored
     	kernel-os combination.  Remove `-gnu*' from the portable systems
     	list.  Add `-gnu-gnu*'.  Add new rule for `-gnu*' to turn it into
     	two part name.
  3. Thu Nov 21 16:42:41 1996 Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG <>

    Unknown authored
    	* config.guess [UNAME_SYSTEM == GNU]: Use a four-part
    	configuration name for gnu so it can be distinguished from
    	foo-foo-linux-gnu with simple globbing patterns.
  4. gethostbyname() may return a pointer to static data, which is

    Charles Hannum authored
    overwritten deep inside krb_realmofhost().  Copy the host name to
    avoid conflicts.
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