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tag: libc-970625

Jun 23, 1997

  1. * config.sub (mn10200): Recognize new basic machine.

    Jeff Law authored
  2. Noah Friedman

    Provide 'rlogin.

    noahfriedman authored
  3. Noah Friedman

    Update copyright year.

    Put back RCS version comment string, which rms keeps removing.
    Don't call resize-minibuffer-mode at load time.
    Don't modify minibuffer-setup-hook at load time.
    (resize-minibuffer-mode): Add resize-minibuffer-setup to
    noahfriedman authored
  4. Corg-kun

    (dired-add-entry): New optional arg RELATIVE.

    (dired-update-file-line): Pass t for RELATIVE.
    Corg-kun authored
  5. Noah Friedman

    Don't require timer; use autoloaded functions from Emacs or XEmacs,

    depending on variant.
    Do not use defsubst anywhere.  Replace with defuns.
    (type-break-warning-message-mode): Variable deleted.
    (type-break-query-mode): New variable and function.
    (type-break-mode): Mention in docstring.
    (type-break-run-at-time): New function.
    All callers of run-at-time changed.
    (type-break-cancel-function-timers): New function.
    All callers of cancel-function-timers changed.
    (type-break-check-post-command-hook): New function.
    (type-break-mode, type-break-schedule, type-break-alarm,
    type-break-time-warning-alarm): Call it.
    (type-break-mode-line-countdown-or-break): New function.
    (type-break): Call it.
    (type-break-time-warning-schedule): Put type-break-time-warning
    on type-break-post-command-hook.
    (type-break-check): Call type-break-mode-line-countdown-or-break.
    (type-break-noninteractive-query): New function.
    (type-break-force-mode-line-update): New function.
    noahfriedman authored
  6. Corg-kun

    (read-hiragana-string): Call read-multilingual-string correctly.

    Corg-kun authored
  7. Noah Friedman

    Changes which are not mine:

        1996-01-20  Richard Stallman  <>
        Move defsubsts before defuns.
        1996-01-24  Andreas Schwab  <>
        (type-break-demo-life): Pass proper format string to message.
        1996-01-04  Paul Eggert  <>
        (type-break-guesstimate-keystroke-threshold): Renamed from
        (type-break-keystroke-threshold, type-break-mode): Doc fix.
    (type-break-warning-message-mode): New variable.
    (type-break-warning-countdown-string): New variable.
    (type-break-warning-countdown-string-type): New variable.
    (type-break-warning-message-mode): New function.
    (type-break-alarm): Reset type-break mode.
    (type-break-check): Ignore mouse motion.
    noahfriedman authored
  8. Corg-kun

    dump-emacs works only with -batch.

    Corg-kun authored
  9. Corg-kun

    (picture-draw-rectangle): New command.

    (picture-mode-map): Add binding for picture-draw-rectangle.
    (picture-mode): Doc fix.
    (picture-rectangle-ctl): New variable.
    (picture-rectangle-ctr): New variable.
    (picture-rectangle-cbr): New variable.
    (picture-rectangle-cbl): New variable.
    (picture-rectangle-v): New variable.
    (picture-rectangle-h): New variable.
    (move-to-column-force): Function deleted;
    calls changed to use move-to-column.
    (picture-insert): New function.
    (picture-self-insert): Use picture-insert.
    (picture-current-line): New function.
    Corg-kun authored
  10. Corg-kun

    (decipher-copy-cons): Renamed from decipher-get-undo-copy. Calls chan…

    Corg-kun authored
  11. Corg-kun

    (popup-menu): Redefine as macro.

    (popup-menu-popup, popup-menu-internal): New function.
    Corg-kun authored
  12. Corg-kun

    (src/config.stamp): Target renamed from src/config.h and touch it exp…

    Corg-kun authored
  13. Corg-kun

    (reporter-version): Change value.

    Corg-kun authored
  14. Corg-kun

    Initial revision

    Corg-kun authored
  15. Corg-kun

    (KERNEL_FILE): New overriding definition.

    Corg-kun authored
  16. Corg-kun

    (read_avail_input): Check for failure with EIO.

    Corg-kun authored
  17. Corg-kun

    (lib-src): Depend on src/config.h (e.g. for movemail.o).

    (src/config.h): New target to re-configure if src/ is patched.
    Corg-kun authored
  18. Corg-kun

    (vc-menu-map): Add bindings for vc-retrieve-snapshot and vc-create-sn…

    Corg-kun authored
  19. Corg-kun

    Delete RCS version header.

    Corg-kun authored
  20. Corg-kun

    (lm-version, lm-last-modified-date):

    Clean up strings that looked like RCS headers.
    Corg-kun authored
  21. Corg-kun

    (ielm-header): Delete version and RCS header.

    Corg-kun authored
  22. Corg-kun

    (edebug-version): Use the Emacs version.

    Corg-kun authored
  23. Corg-kun

    (LD_SWITCH_SYSTEM) [__mips__]: Alternate definition.

    Corg-kun authored
  24. Corg-kun

    Test __linux__ along with NEWSOS5.

    (KERNEL_FILE, UNEXEC): Don't redefine them if __linux__.
    Alternate definitions.
    Corg-kun authored
  25. Corg-kun

    (mips-*-linux-gnu*): New alternative.

    Corg-kun authored
  26. Corg-kun

    (Fdump_emacs): Bind command-line-processed to nil here.

    Corg-kun authored
  27. Corg-kun

    (Fdump_emacs): Error if not run in batch mode.

    Corg-kun authored
  28. Corg-kun

    (latex-imenu-create-index): Make it much smarter.

    (latex-imenu-indent-string): New variable.
    Corg-kun authored
  29. Corg-kun

    (command-line-1): Don't display startup message

    if the buffer-is nonempty.  Don't make undo entries for it.
    Corg-kun authored

Jun 22, 1997

  1. Corg-kun

    (byte-compile-file): Doc fix.

    (batch-byte-compile-file): Return what byte-compile-file returns.
    Corg-kun authored
  2. Corg-kun

    (LIBS_TERMCAP): Use -ltermcap instead of -lc.

    Corg-kun authored
  3. Corg-kun

    (doctor-death): Give real advice to truly suicidal.

    Corg-kun authored
  4. Corg-kun

    Initial revision

    Corg-kun authored
  5. Corg-kun

    Comment change.

    Corg-kun authored
  6. Corg-kun

    Fix previous change.

    Corg-kun authored
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