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Tag: libc-980618
Commits on Jun 13, 1998
  1. (sun4H:SunOS:5.*:*): New case.

    Richard Kenner authored
  2. @Corg-kun

    (user-init-file): Default value now nil.

    Corg-kun authored
    (local-enable-local-variables): New variable.
    (set-auto-mode): Test it.
  3. @Corg-kun
  4. @Corg-kun

    (rmail-variables): Locally bind

    Corg-kun authored
    local-enable-local-variables, not enable-local-variables.
    (rmail): Don't switch buffers inside the binding of
  5. @Corg-kun

    (tar-mode): Locally bind local-enable-local-variables,

    Corg-kun authored
    not enable-local-variables.
  6. @Corg-kun

    (archive-mode): Locally bind local-enable-local-variables, not

    Corg-kun authored
  7. @Corg-kun
  8. @Corg-kun

    (help-map): C-h 4 i runs info-other-window.

    Corg-kun authored
    (describe-key, describe-key-briefly):
    Don't discard up event after down event.
  9. @Corg-kun

    (parse_menu_item): Put a quote around DEF

    Corg-kun authored
    to pass it as an argument to the filter function.
  10. @Corg-kun

    (other): Doc fix.

    Corg-kun authored
  11. @Corg-kun
  12. @Corg-kun

    (find-file-noselect): Delete unused local var `error'.

    Corg-kun authored
    (find-file-noselect-1): Add local var `error'.
  13. @Corg-kun

    (find-file-noselect): Use find-file-noselect-1

    Corg-kun authored
    after "Save file and revisit literally? ".
  14. @Corg-kun
  15. @Corg-kun

    (eval-defun): Pass read function to

    Corg-kun authored
    eval-region as arg, instead of binding load-read-function.
  16. @Corg-kun

    Several fixes in doc string style.

    Corg-kun authored
    (uce-mail-reader): Use defcustom.
  17. @Corg-kun

    (ispell-region): Return non-nil if not aborted.

    Corg-kun authored
    (ispell-highlight-spelling-error-generic): Fix doc typo.
  18. (detect_coding_system): Always return a list of HIGHEST is zero.

    Kenichi Handa authored
    (Fdetect_coding_region): Doc-string adjusted for the above change.
    (Fdetect_coding_string): Likewise.
  19. @Corg-kun

    (read-feature): Doc fix.

    Corg-kun authored
    (loadhist-hook-functions): New variable.
    (unload-feature): Act on FEATURE-unload-hook or look for unloaded
    functions on hooks and remove them.
  20. @Corg-kun

    Add @dircategory, @direntry.

    Corg-kun authored
  21. @Corg-kun

    *** empty log message ***

    Corg-kun authored
  22. @Corg-kun

    (INSTALL_INFO): New variable.

    Corg-kun authored
    (install): Run install-info.
Commits on Jun 12, 1998
  1. @Corg-kun
  2. @Corg-kun
  3. @drmirror

    (vc-dired-hook): Don't use dired-kill-line to remove directory lines

    drmirror authored
    in terse mode.
    (vc-dired-purge): If the top level dir is empty, make it look a little
  4. (set-auto-coding): Cancel the previous change.

    Kenichi Handa authored
  5. (Finsert_file_contents): Undo the previous change for

    Kenichi Handa authored
    handling set-ault-coding.
  6. (Finsert_file_contents): After calling handler,

    Kenichi Handa authored
    get INSERTED from the handler's value.
  7. (instantiate-fontset): Delete

    Kenichi Handa authored
    duplicated call of x-complement-fontset-spec.  Call new-fontset
    with a correct argument.
    (x-compose-font-name): Argument name adjusted for the doc-string.
    (x-complement-fontset-spec): Don't alter the contents of the
    arguments XLFD-FIELDS and FONTLIST.
    (x-style-funcs-alist): The format changed.
    (x-modify-font-name): New function.
    (create-fontset-from-fontset-spec): The arg STYLE-VARIANT-P is
    changed to STYLE-VARIANT, the format also changed.  Use
    x-modify-font-name instead of calling functions in
    x-style-funcs-alist directly.
    (instantiate-fontset): Use x-modify-font-name instead of calling
    functions in x-style-funcs-alist directly.
    (resolve-fontset-name): New function.
  8. While creating fontsets of style variants, pay

    Kenichi Handa authored
    attention to X resources XXX.attributeFont.
  9. (set-face-font): Pay attention to fontset.

    Kenichi Handa authored
    (set-face-font-auto): Call resolve-fontset-name.
  10. @Corg-kun
  11. (hs-minor-mode): Use `make-local-variable' not `make-variable-buffer-…

    Thien-Thi Nguyen authored
  12. Require `easymenu'. Rework to use easymenu. Remove eol ws.

    Thien-Thi Nguyen authored
    (hs-hide-level-recursive, hs-hide-level): Add.
    (hs-unbalance-handler-method): Delete.
    (hs-show-block-at-point): Always use `top-level' unbalanced-handler case.
  13. @Corg-kun

    Initial revision

    Corg-kun authored
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