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WordPress theme - yet another starter theme
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⚠️ Archived! - themes like Mythic and wd_s are far superior and have a much bigger audience and team supporting them. I will be spending my time contributing to any of these projects instead of taking a stab at my own.

Sword Base ⚔️🏔

Another WordPress starter theme

It's not as broad and robust as underscores, & it's not more intelligent or modern than Sage - however, it's a solid starter theme thats custom tailored for the type, style, and quality of custom themes I build.


This is a blank-canvas WordPress starter theme (not a framework, not a parent - a starter theme) that focus's heavily on optimized code for marketing, includes third party protocols to meet todays interconnected-requirements. This theme is my starting point for my custom websites.

The goal and mission of this theme is to:

  • Be ready out-of-the-gate, with a modern responsive vanilla layout that's easy to change
  • Save time by having always-used features like responsive navigation and multi-media hero's pre-coded
  • Include lots of resources that help create the theme without needing a lot of small third party plugins
  • Code clean and efficient for high Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix/YSlow scores
  • Be prepared for Gutenberg and DIVI Page Builder
  • Strong presence of third party protocols



  • Pre-Formatted HTML5 layout and support, blank-canvas site with basic setup
  • Default WordPress Theme Files 404, search, page, index and more
  • Pure-CSS horizontal-to-Hamburger Navigation prebuilt
  • Logo HiDPI support in code, change images and resolutions


  • LESSCSS change main colours and width css variables to quickly refine
  • jQuery plugins single line config includes
  • Feature Image become Parallax hero images on pages
  • Hero Videos can use Youtube URL's as the hero instead
  • Post Format > Gallery allows Media > Image Galleries to run with Lightbox out of the box
  • PDF, WORD, EXCEL and NEW TAB links with auto gain SVG icons beside themselves for better UX
  • Share buttons at the bottom of every page, SVG icons, includes counter
  • Customizer Contact Info entered via Customizer, auto added to header, footer, and more. tie into vCard with admin user input values, metas for geo, open graph, twitter cards
  • CALL NOW and DIRECTIONS buttons appear anchored at bottom on mobile

Nerdier Stuff

  • CSS presets for nearly all elements of a webpage
  • SVG base64 encoded image library right in .less file (@TODO reference)
  • 4x native responsive intervals (@TODO list and refine)

WordPress Stuff

  • Six Shortcodes
    1. [box]for alert box, use
    2. [space] [clear] shortcode for more
    3. [phone]
    4. [todo]
    5. [iframe]
    6. [email] for admin or [email]user@domain[/email] for JS encrypted emails Modifications to wp-admin*
  • default remove admin user bar from both ends
  • Page > Excerpt repositioned in backend, and appears between title and content for better pages on both ends
  • Remove advanced admin menu items for users that'd never use them (ID != 1)
  • Admin edit screen cleaned up: opacity on "screen options"/"help", remove tinymce character count and html display.
  • Tinymce remove unneeded buttons and H4-6 tags
  • Blank stylesheet for TinyMCE ready


All are optional and won't cause an error, and the list is setup in first few lines of functions.php, however the theme insists on them for enhancing and helping make the site reach the standards and goals set out:

  • Sword-Toolkit
    • Removes WordPress emojis support, preloading, JSON support
    • Toggle WordPress Features Blog, Search, comments, on/off config
    • Remove single attachment and author pages default
    • Clean wp_head front-end
    • remove WordPress comments rss feed
    • remove jQuery migrate
    • other wp_head default junk
    • ..much more
  • Gravity Forms
    • CSS and PHP setup for GF footer form
    • JS ready to replace label's of inputs to placeholder's
    • PHP setup to auto anchor user to location of form after submission
  • DIVI Builder
  • Yoast SEO
  • Monster Insights
  • Block Bad Queries
  • Login Lockdown
  • Imsanity
  • AMP


Most Helper Functions

MAKE Function Description
swrdbs_make_scripts() for enqueue'ing scripts
swrdbs_make_card() tags in header of code / displays under site's H1 heading for print styles
swrdbs_make_hero() use 'Featured Image' (or youtube URL) to create page hero
swrdbs_make_content() tap into the_content
swrdbs_make_map() use contact info entered into the Customizer to dynamically create a Google Map embed
swrdbs_make_social() create social icons with entered-into-Customizer values
swrdbs_make_share() create social share buttons
swrdbs_make_bodyclass() modify the bodies class
swrdbs_parser() build curl header
RETURN Function Description
swrdbs_return_a_image() returns an image no matter what you're on (looks for featured image, inline images, attached-to-page images, or favicon, anything it can find)
swrdbs_return_list_pages() list all WordPress pages in a
swrdbs_return_list_images() list all uploaded images in a
swrdbs_return_first_line() get the first line of a blurb
swrdbs_return_chopstring() chop out the middle of a string to become a selected length
swrdbs_return_clean_phonenumber() remove visual garbage from phone numbers
swrdbs_return_twitteruser_from_url() get the handle of a user via a full url
swrdbs_return_youtube_video_from_url() as it says
swrdbs_return_filemtime() return the file modified time of a relative dir file
swrdbs_return_email() get an email and encrypt it
swrdbs_return_jshidden_email() encrypt email
swrdbs_return_social_count() return social counts of current page (@TODO temperamental)
swrdbs_return_current_URL() as it says
OTHER Function Description
swrdbs_has_hero() see if page has a banner or not
swrdbs_has_hero_video() see if page has a youtube-video-background banner or not, returns video url if true
swrdbs_isPageSpeed() detect if client is page speed

Custom Hooks

Action Description
body_open fires right after body tag


  • .icon_phone()
  • .icon_compass()
  • .icon_hamburger()
  • .icon_hamburger_white()
  • .icon_arrow_left()
  • .icon_arrow_right()
  • .icon_close()
  • .icon_facebook()
  • .icon_instagram()
  • .icon_excel()
  • .icon_pdf()
  • .icon_word()
  • .icon_newtab()
  • .icon_google()
  • .icon_linkedin()
  • .icon_pinterest()
  • .icon_twitter()
  • .icon_youtube()
  • .icon_mail()
  • .icon_down_arrow()
  • .icon_down_arrow_black()
  • .menudown_black()
  • .menudown_white()
  • .icon_search()
  • .icon_search_white()

JS Class Names

  • .parallax adds parallax effect to elements background image
  • .middleme center content vertically with jQuery

Responsive Class Names

  • .phone_only as it says

Custom Classes

  • .big, .excerpt
  • .small, .meta
  • (@TODO more)

Responsive Default Sizes

  • min-width: 1440px bigger than 1440
  • max-width: 960px
  • max-width: 750px

Included Third Party Plugins

FILE Version author/repo License
jquery.aos.(js/css) 2.1.1 michalsnik/aos The MIT License
jquery.less.css.js 1.7.4 less/less.js Apache License 2.0
jquery.lightbox.(js/css) 2.9.0 lokesh/lightbox2 The MIT License
jquery.waypoints.js 4.0.1 imakewebthings/waypoints The MIT License
jquery.youtubebackground.js 1.0.5 rochestb/jQuery.YoutubeBackground The MIT License

Road Map

See .todo for list, or Issues.

Project Ideas:

  • Better demo site
  • Improve documentation, inline and README
  • full dependency on Gutenberg, instead of this half-in for DIVI Builder

Whatever you build with this theme, keep the documentation about it in the WordPress-compatible readme.txt, leaving this README.MD for the starter theme documentation.