WordPress plugin - quickly remove and modify Wordpress's default settings for a cleaner install
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Sword Toolkit

A WordPress plugin to remove some of WordPress's default settings and features for a cleaner install. Often default setups include features (notably blogging related) that some business using the WordPress as a CMS do not need.

Tired of constantly repeating the same code in all my themes, I've created a plugin that simple boolean's features in and out through a simple array configuration. To fully use this plugin, a theme could add the following:

Run with

add_filter('sword_toolkit', function() {
	return [
		'remove_blog'            => true,
		'remove_comments'        => true,
		'remove_post_tags'       => true,
		'remove_admin_bar'       => true,
		'remove_search'          => true,
		'remove_jquery_migrate'  => true,
		'redirect_if_attachment' => true,
		'remove_wp_head_junk'    => true,
		'remove_rest_api'        => true,
		'remove_emojis'          => true,
		'remove_menu_pages'		 => [
		'remove_menu_sub_pages'  => [
			'index.php' => 'my-sites.php',
			'options-general.php' => 'options-discussion.php',
			'options-general.php' => 'options-writing.php',
			'options-general.php' => 'attachments',
			'themes.php' => 'themes.php',
			'themes.php' => 'widgets.php',
			'tools.php' => 'tools.php'


Each setting is self explanatory, but full description is available in inc-class-sword_tk_run.php