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lpx_links is a utility to get the direct download links for the additional sample/sound content for Logic Pro X and Mainstage.

  • It gets the most current links
  • Creates a text file with all the links in them
  • Importing the links file into a download manager like the DownThemAll addon for FireFox should work well

Includes Mandatory only list. Thanks to Matteo Ceruti aka Matatata for the idea.


0.0.10 - adds support to specify Mainstage app to get direct download links for sample/sound content

0.0.9 - fixes issue where the install script attempted to re-download the pkg files 🤦‍

0.0.8 - adds logic to resolve relative parents in download URLs & Readme updates.

0.0.7 - added mandatory file list & refactor of code.

0.0.6 - added version detection. Any version of Logic Pro X should work now.


Simply open the terminal and paste one of the commands from below.

For Logic Pro X use the following command:

 cd ~/Downloads; mkdir -p lpx_links/app ; cd lpx_links/app ; curl -#L | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 ; ./lpx_links.rb -n Logic

For Mainstage use the following command:

 cd ~/Downloads; mkdir -p lpx_links/app ; cd lpx_links/app ; curl -#L | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 ; ./lpx_links.rb -n Mainstage

To download I recommend using aria2

To only download the mandatory files (32)

aria2c -c --auto-file-renaming=false -i ~/Desktop/lpx_download_links/mandatory_download_links.txt -d ~/Downloads/logic_content

To download all the packages

aria2c -c --auto-file-renaming=false -i ~/Desktop/lpx_download_links/all_download_links.txt -d ~/Downloads/logic_content
  • -c tells aria2 to continue/resume downloads
  • --auto-file-renaming=false ensures that files will never be redownloaded if they already exist in the target directory
  • -i is the path to the file with list of downloads
  • -d is the path to where you want the downloaded files

aria2 download example

Install All

To install all the downloaded packages use the following command:

 sudo ~/Downloads/lpx_links/app/ ~/Downloads/logic_content 


Want to contribute? Fork and let me know.


GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0)


Gets the additional content download links for Logic Pro X






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