Fight as Air Man in this Mega Man game demo written in Elm.
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Mega Air Man

Author: David Timmons (

Mega Air Man is a game demo written in Elm and based on the NES classic Mega Man 2. Elm is a cutting-edge ML-style language similar to Haskell that natively supports a functional reactive architecture in client-side Web applications.


  • Watch Air Man jump!
  • Watch Air Man try to shoot his tornado gun! Note: Mega Man stole the tornado gun...
  • Watch Air Man stop moving when he bumps against a wall!
  • Watch the background clouds animate in high definition 8-bit movement!

Dependencies (Development Only)

  • Elm: Powers all application logic.
  • Sprity: Creates the sprite sheet.
  • UglifyJS: Compresses JavaScript application files.


See the demo here!

Special Thanks

Mega Man and Air Man are © Capcom Co, Ltd. All Rights reserved.