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Rellika Kisyula kisyular

I am a student here at MSU majoring in Media and Information(MI) and Minor in Computer Science(CSE) and Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering(CMSE).

Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan, United States

jiman ryu jiman94

eknow 대한민국

Omar Quiroz oquirozm

22. Aspiring digital nomad, coder, in love with design. Science and movies are my affairs.


Akshar Patel Akshar-Patel

Learning Programming with @Udacity

Idar, Gujarat, India

Dinesh dineshsonachalam

Competitive Programmer, Java, nodejs developer, data enthusiast.

@connectedmob Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India

sbramlett sbramlett

I'm trying to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Andrii neao

Linux System Administrator, Junior Ruby/RoR Developer

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

lally elias lykmapipo

byteskode Group Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Ronak Baldha ron4ex

the fact that the first character of this string is not in caps, bothers me!

Mumbai, India

Steffin Rayen SteffinRayen

Probably the most non compos mentis person you could have come across ...or maybe not

Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

JellyNian ibluekey

IT industry, Linux system administrators, Python programmers, front-end developers, now living in Songjiang District, Shanghai

lehung lecaoquochung

Who am I?

Givery Inc Japan

Thawsitt Naing thawsitt

I am a Computer Science major (class of 2019) at Stanford University.

Stanford, CA

kate lawrence k88lawrence

NYC-based web developer. Needs a nap.

new york, ny

Burhan GÖK burhangok

Java EE and SE Software and PHP Developer, Oracle SQL Developer and Software Architecture


Sarra BOUHENNI sarraRoza

Android Developer. Android, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleMapsAPI, Java, C, C++, Python, XML, JSON, MySQL, SQLite

Chauhan Vraj vrajchauhan

Hello, I am senior year undergrad in Chemical Engineering at MSU-Vadodara. Vadodara,Gujarat

Partha Sarma parthasarma

Nabler Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

Rolf Mtwo wolf-mtwo

Full stack Javascript developer

Jalasoft Cbba, Bolivia