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This repository contains a Firefox extension that enables keyboard navigation of WAI-ARIA landmarks (including implicit landmarks in HTML5 elements). Landmarks may be navigated via hotkey or via the Firefox Tools menu item. The following WAI-ARIA landmarks are supported:

  • application (1)
  • banner
  • complementary
  • contentinfo
  • form (1)
  • main
  • navigation
  • region (1)
  • search

Note 1: that application, form and region roles are considered navigable landmarks only when they are labelled with aria-label or aria-labelledby.

Note 2: header and footer elements are not considered landmarks when they are contained within an article or a section element.


To install the extension, download the landmarks.xpi file then drag it over a Firefox window and release. Then follow the installation instructions.

Navigating Landmarks

Landmarks may be navigated using one of two methods:

  1. Navigate landmarks via hot key.

    • Pressing the "n" key navigates forward through landmarks.
    • Pressing the "p" key navigates backward through landmarks.

    The "n" and "p" keys are default navigation keys. The defaults may be changed by navigating to Tools --> Add-ons. Select the "Options" or "Preferences" button on the "WAI-ARIA landmark keyboard navigation" extension.

    Note that some navigation key settings may interfere with other application shortcut keys or your browser's shortcut keys.

    Use Tools --> Add-ons --> Options/Preferences, to enable rendering a border around an element having a landmark role. Three border options are available as follows:

    • No border drawn around focused element
    • Persistent border drawn around focused element
    • Momentary border drawn around focused element
  2. Navigate landmarks from the Tools --> Landmarks menu item.

    The landmarks menu item presents a list of page landmarks allowing the user to select one. If landmarks are nested, the landmarks menu item indents entries to reflect nesting. If landmark labels are present via aria-label or aria-labelledby, the labels are shown.

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