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Laravel 5.2 travel site

This is a website I made for practice in Laravel 5.2. It is a website were users can search Travel Destinations other users put up on the website. Users can signup, and create Travel Flyers.

The fetaures this website has is:

  • Signup/with email verification/password reset/forgot password, and Login/Logout.
  • Create Travel Flyers (which displays in the front-end on a google map.)
  • Upload images to Travel Flyers along with Travel Banner.
  • Search Travel Flyers (with auto complete search box).
  • Customize your Profile.
  • An award system for doing varoius tasks across the website (with leaderboard).
  • Post statuses on your timeline for other users to see and reply.
  • Ability to Like user statuses and Travel Flyers.
  • Ability to edit and Delete Travel Flyers.
  • Among other things too.

Languages used:

  • Laravel 5.2 (Framework)
  • PHP/mySQL
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap/Semantic-UI

Here is the link to the actual website: