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# This Makefile was taken from the AWS for PHP project with some modifications.
vendor/bin/phpunit $(TEST)
rm -rf build/artifacts
# Packages the phar and zip
package: burgomaster
php build/packager.php
# Downloads a copy of Burgomaster
mkdir -p build/artifacts
curl -s > build/artifacts/Burgomaster.php
# Ensures that the TAG variable was passed to the make command
$(if $(TAG),,$(error TAG is not defined. Pass via "make tag TAG=4.2.1"))
# Creates a release but does not push it. This task updates the changelog
# with the TAG environment variable, replaces the VERSION constant, ensures
# that the source is still valid after updating, commits the changelog and
# updated VERSION constant, creates an annotated git tag using chag, and
# prints out a diff of the last commit.
tag: check_tag
@echo Tagging $(TAG)
chag update $(TAG)
sed -i -e "s/const VERSION = '.*'/const VERSION = '$(TAG)'/" src/DTS/eBaySDK/Trading/Services/TradingBaseService.php
php -l src/DTS/eBaySDK/Trading/Services/TradingBaseService.php
git commit -a -m '$(TAG) release'
chag tag
@echo "Release has been created. Push using 'make release'"
@echo "Changes made in the release commit"
git diff HEAD~1 HEAD
# Creates a release based on the master branch and latest tag. This task
# pushes the latest tag, pushes master, creates a phar and zip, and creates
# a Github release. Use "TAG=X.Y.Z make tag" to create a release, and use
# "make release" to push a release. This task requires that the
# OAUTH_TOKEN environment variable is available and the token has permission
# to push to the repository.
release: check_tag package
git push origin master
git push origin $(TAG)
php build/gh-release.php $(TAG)
# Tags the repo and publishes a release.
full_release: tag release
.PHONY: test