A simple cryptocurrency ticker in Windows tray.
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Hey, you people that are contantly checking Bitcoin and other crypto currency prices on mobile or PC during meetings. You think we don't see you? We do!

Here is a gift for you!

Crycker is a super simple tool that puts crypto currency price ticker into Windows tray.

Crycker in Windows 10 Taskbar

Nothing to install, no dependancies. Just a single file you put in your tools folder and run when needed. Configure to automatically start with Windows. Right click to select source, currency and coin.

Currently shows data from Bitstamp, Coinbase or Blockhain. Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Lite Coin, with EUR and USD as currencies.

Crycker Settings

Download - Version 1.0.1

Home Page - Source Code

Have an idea? Found a bug? Leave feedback or submit an issue!

Change log:

v1.0.1 - 7th Oct 2017

  • check for updates automatically, can be turned off in config file
  • support for generic currencies, that can be set in config file
  • read config file from directory where executable is, not from current working directory
  • Bitstamp sometimes returns bogus answer, ignore it
  • more robust logging, that could crash the app under certain conditions

If you like Crycker, please donate!

ETH to "0x16c99026fc3251fa03e0372c496403ec4ffbd80d" or use code:

ETH donation address

BTC to "35aF5bLUa28AYEW22tVsRYbgEkBdyc9wzf" or use QR code:

BTC donation address