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mschulz commented Mar 21, 2012

Thanks for the Freetronix fix, all goes well now. I now have an interesting effect. I can upload a sketch and it goes off successfully. I get the message:

Sending source to mschulz's github account...
You can find the source online at:

when I try to 'retrieve source' it, i get the messageI get the message:

No source was found for this board.

When I go to the gist link, I can see the code, but it is owned by anonymous. The gist does not appear under 'My Gists' either. I have a line in my gistCredentials.txt file 'mschulz='. I manually check that the username/password combination do actually log me into github. The code being uploaded has the line embedded in the opening comment:


When I do a second (or thirrd or ...) upload, I would expect to update the original version. Instead, I get a message in the Arduino IDE:

Sending source to mschulz's github account...
You can find the source online at:

Note the different number here. When I go to this site, I see a message there saying:

The Gist you were looking for has been deleted. Sorry about that!

Any clue as to what I am doing wrong here? BTW, this is the first time I have used Github, so I expect that this is part of my problem. :-(



You discovered a bug that popped up when I fixed a different bug! It looks like two things were happening. The first problem was that if the program doesn't find the specified username in gistCredentials.txt, it uploads it to an anonymous account. This no longer happens and it displays an error message. The second thing that was happening was related to pulling a string from the comments vs. gistCredentials.txt. I believe everything is fixed now, please try it out and let me know. Sorry for the difficulties!

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mschulz commented Apr 4, 2012

This fixed the problem; thanks for the help. All works perfectly at the moment. Thanks for the implementation of such a nice idea.

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