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Swap virtual desktops
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# swapspaces.tcl

Swapspaces is a way to better manage my virtual desktops.

For web projects, for instance, I'll often have Emacs open with a
variety of rxvt's, for various things, such as Rails'
./script/console, ./script/server, a shell to manipulate files with,
and maybe a few others for various things.

When I want to swap out some work for another client, or for my own
things, it'd be nice to instantaneously swap out the whole workspace -
emacs, rxvt's and all.  This program lets me do that.

It works like so:

1) Launch it.

2) Give the workspace a name.

3) Click 'refresh window list'

4) Make sure the source and destination are correct.

5) Hit 'move'.  Zoom, and away they go!  You can get them back by
   hitting 'move' again.

When you've stashed a workspace, you can create a new one from the
current workspace with the "New group from current desktop" button.

Yes, it's quick, dirty and a bit ugly.  Patches welcome!

David N. Welton
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