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== DedaWiki
I created DedaWiki in a serious bout of "NIH" (Not Invented Here)
which came to a head when I kept running into problems getting Instiki
to work.
DedaWiki is my vision of what a wiki ought to be like, and was created
with the express purpose of hosting a site of mine,
It is distributed under the very liberal Apache Software License,
which means that you have the right to integrate this code into
proprietary applications if you so desire.
== Installation
1. Create a database (dedawiki_production, for example), and
configure config/database.yml to point to it.
2. Go to http://YOURSITE/setup to configure the site and initial
user, who is also the site admin.
Since I no longer run, and don't really need this system
anymore, I've shut down the example site and have mothballed the
-- David N. Welton <>, June 26th, 2007
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