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LIBDIR=`erl -eval 'io:format("~s~n", [code:lib_dir()])' -s init stop -noshell`
mkdir -p ebin/
(cd src;$(MAKE))
test: all
prove -v t/*.t
(cd src;$(MAKE) clean)
rm -rf erl_crash.dump *.beam *.hrl erlang_twitter-$(VERSION).tgz
package: clean
@mkdir erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)/ && cp -rf include src support t Makefile README.markdown erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)
@COPYFILE_DISABLE=true tar zcf erlang_twitter-$(VERSION).tgz erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)
@rm -rf erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)/
for d in ebin include; do mkdir -p $(prefix)/$(LIBDIR)/erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)/$$d ; done
for i in include/*.hrl ebin/*.beam ebin/*.app; do install $$i $(prefix)/$(LIBDIR)/erlang_twitter-$(VERSION)/$$i ; done
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