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                                T I M E P L O T

  What is this?

  Timeplot is a cross-browser DHTML (canvas-based) time series plotting widget.

  Running Timeplot

  Timeplot consists of a bunch of static resources. All you really need is to
  serve those resources off a web server. Any web server would do.
  But if you don't have any available to you, we have configured the timeplot
  project to be runnable Jetty, so if you have a java virtual machine 
  installed you can open a shell or command prompt and type:
   [win32]> run
   [unix/macosx]> ./run

  and then point your browser to

  How do I customize Timeplot?

  Refer to the Timeplot web site at 

  Licensing and legal issues

  Timeplot is open source software and are licensed under the BSD license
  located in the LICENSE.txt file located in the same directory as this 
  very file you are reading.

  Timeplot depends on and ships with the Explorer Canvas javascript library 
  that is released under the Apache License 2.0 and can be found at


  This software was created by the SIMILE project and originally written
  by the SIMILE development team (in alphabetical order):

   - Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom at>

                                --- o ---

  Thanks for your interest.

                                                        The SIMILE Widgets Project