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2008-02-27 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeTheme.c: use Get|SetWindowLongPtr to work with
Win64. Requires latest Windows headers.
2008-02-23 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeTheme.c (DllMain): get module at dll load time to
avoid GetModuleHandleEx call.
2008-02-22 Jeff Hobbs <>
* demos/demo.tcl, doc/What's New in TkTreeCtrl.html:
* doc/treectrl.html, doc/, doc/treectrl.n
* shellicon/configure, shellicon/
* configure, bump version to 2.2.5
* winrc.m4: correct RC_DEPARG definition for !gcc case.
* generic/tkTreeNotify.c (Percents_ItemDelete, ExpandItemList)
(Percents_ItemVisibility, Percents_Selection): remove TclFormatInt
* generic/qebind.c (QE_ExpandNumber): references and add
ExpandItemList to simplify item list expansion. Corrects crash
with 8.4-built treectrl used in 8.5.
2007-05-10 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeUtils.c (Tree_FillRegion): disable OS X specific
code as Tk improvements have made it unnecessary, and it actually
made it act funny in 8.5.
2007-01-26 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.h (vsnprintf): _vsnprintf on Windows.
2006-08-15 Jeff Hobbs <>
* library/filelist-bindings.tcl (::TreeCtrl::EditClose): rewrote
bindings of edit widget helpers to use TreeCtrlEntry and
TreeCtrlText classes.
Fix for <Escape> binding possibly triggering <FocusOut>.
* generic/tkTreeDisplay.c (Tree_Display): Allow Tree_DeselectHidden
* generic/tkTreeItem.c (Item_Configure): to be deferred to next
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.h: redraw by calling
Tree_DInfoChanged(tree, DINFO_REDO_SELECTION). Significantly
improves performance of multiple item visibility changes.
2006-08-14 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeItem.c (Item_Configure): on checking for -visible,
verify that the value actually changed, because it can be expensive.
2006-08-04 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (TreeWidgetCmd): set the tk caret when the
active item changes.
2006-04-05 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (LoupeCmd): correct loupe on OS X x86.
* configure, add AC_C_BIGENDIAN check
* tclconfig/tcl.m4: TEA rcs 1.91 2006/03/28 21:07:09
2006-01-25 Jeff Hobbs <>
* configure, update to TEA 3.5
* tclconfig/tcl.m4: TEA rcs 1.89 2006/01/25 21:25:02
2005-12-02 Jeff Hobbs <>
* tclconfig/tcl.m4,, configure: update to TEA 3.4
2005-09-27 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (LoupeCmd): don't capture display (it
causes flashing) on OS X.
2005-09-26 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (LoupeCmd): add OS X support. Correct
Win32 code to use grab size constraints and honor the virtual
system metrics (OS X needs similar correction still).
Hide cursor on OS X and capture display while grabbing.
2005-09-25 Jeff Hobbs <>
* demos/demo.tcl: just check for 'loupe' to run loupe demo
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (LoupeCmd): add Win32 code to enable loupe
functionality on Windows.
2005-08-22 Jeff Hobbs <>
* install man pages with html docs
* configure,, tclconfig/tcl.m4: updated to newer TEA
2005-08-09 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeStyle.c (Style_DoLayout): use if instead of
tertiary ?: operator for funcs with different return types.
*** other mods by Tim Baker (treectrl) to this point ***
2005-05-02 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeTheme.c: correct headers to build on unix and use
of c++-style var decls.
2005-03-25 Jeff Hobbs <>
*, generic/tkTreeCtrl.h: OS X patch from
* configure,, tclconfig/tcl.m4: Steffen
* license.terms (new):
2005-03-18 Jeff Hobbs <>
* (AR): use @AR@
* configure,, tclconfig/tcl.m4: TEA 3.2 update
2005-02-14 Jeff Hobbs <>
* demos/demo.tcl: try loading treectrl before trying the
IsDevelopment branch of loading.
* generic/tkTreeItem.c (CompareAscii, CompareDict): handle the
case where no text value has been set for sorting
*** other mods by Tim Baker (treectrl) to this point ***
2004-11-30 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeItem.c (TreeItem_FromObj): s/MOD_/TMOD_ to prevent
existing defined name conflict
* generic/tkTreeElem.c: add "Elem" to a few names to prevent name
collision (notable CreateBitmap on Windows).
2004-11-29 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeItem.c, generic/tkTreeElem.c: whitespace police
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c: adapt to Tk_PhotoPut(Zoomed)Block API
changes for 8.5 (TIP #116).
2004-10-09 Jeff Hobbs <>
* Revamp build system to use TEA 3.1 setup.
* configure:
* tclconfig/tcl.m4:
* Automate creation of pkgIndex.tcl and use
* demos/demo.tcl: tcl_findLibrary to avoid the issue of build vs.
* tests/all.tcl: install package.
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c:
* generic/tkTreeDisplay.c: correctly handle the damageRgn var.
* generic/tkTreeUtils.c: Implement Tk_OffsetRegion as
XOffsetRegion on unix. (werner)
* library/filelist-bindings.tcl: ensure TreeCtrl namespace exists
* library/treectrl.tcl: source filelist-bindings
*** Tim Baker (treectrl) made numerous changes for 1.1 ***
2004-02-09 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (ImageChangedProc): cause image change to
* generic/tkTreeColumn.c (ImageChangedProc): refresh window.
Could narrow down the full update, but better than nothing.
2003-12-02 Jeff Hobbs <>
* library/filelist-bindings.tcl: whitespace police
added check for Priv(buttonMode) before use in bindings that may
not get an associated button-down event
* library/treectrl.tcl: whitespace police
2003-11-26 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c (LoupeCmd): remove extra interp arg to
2003-11-25 Jeff Hobbs <>
* generic/tkTreeColumn.c: whitespace police
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.h:
* generic/tkTreeCtrl.c: whitespace police
(TreeWorldChanged): add calls to TreeStyle_TreeChanged and
TreeColumn_TreeChanged to correctly display font size changes
* ChangeLog: created