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The full client and server of Space Abyss
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Space Abyss

The full client and server of Space Abyss:

Space Abyss is open sourced under the MIT license. The code, the assets, all of it.

Back when I was 13 or so, a kind developer let me buy an old version of his game for $20. That started my journey. I hope Space Abyss can help someone else start their journey.

Please check the licenses of any software Space Abyss makes use of ( Phaser,, etc ) to make sure you are in line with all of their licenses as well.

Technology Used

Client - HTML5 via Phaser 3 ( )

Server - Nodejs

I'm using ( ) to communicate between the two.

Work In Progress

Space Abyss is in active, early development. For the time being, there isn't going to be an easy setup guide; instead I'm just going to be building it. Things like the database can be intuited for now from the code, but I know that's a large barrier to understanding/running something. I'll try to clean up and prioritize areas that I get the most questions about.

#Structure The client is in public/dev_client

The server is in dev_server

My current ideas are collected at helper_info/ideas.txt. There are other useful files for world building in there.


You can email me at . If you want to chat, we have a discord at

Other Notes

I'm probably doing plenty of things wrong. I tend to learn as I go - and I don't know what I don't know. Please try to be kind, and give examples if you're suggesting to do something another way. I may have a different idea, but I will always appreciate advice.

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