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Magic Cube

It had to happen someday. Somebody stop me!

cube views


  • David W. Hogg (NYU)
  • Jacob Vanderplas (UW)


Interactive Cube

To use the matplotlib-based interactive cube, run

python code/

If you want a cube with a different number of sides, use e.g.

python code/ 5

This will create a 5x5x5 cube

This code should currently be considered to be in beta -- there are several bugs and the GUI has an incomplete set of features


  • Click and drag to change the viewing angle of the cube. Holding shift while clicking and dragging adjusts the line-of-sight rotation.
  • Arrow keys may also be used to change the viewing angle. The shift key has the same effect
  • U/D/L/R/B/F keys rotate the faces a quarter turn clockwise. Hold the shift key to rotate counter-clockwise. Hold a number i to turn the slab at a depth i (e.g. for a 3x3 cube, holding "1" and pressing "L" will turn the center slab).


There are more tools available -- for now, RTFSC.


All content copyright 2012 the authors. Magic Cube is licensed under the GPLv2 License. See the LICENSE.txt file for more information.