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A Redis storage backend for Cachetree.


npm install cachetree-redis


To create a Cachtree instance using a Redis storage backend:

var cachetreeRedis = require('cachetree-redis'),
    cachetree = require('cachetree),
    store = cachetreeRedis(),
    cache = cachetree(store);

The cachetree-redis module exports a single constructor function that accepts an optional options object and returns a Redis storage backend instance.


  • options: An object containing the following configuration options:
    • client: Redis client instance. If provided, port, host, options, pw and db are ignored
    • port: Redis server port
    • host: Redis server host
    • options: Redis client options passed to redis.createClient
    • pw: Password for authenticating with Redis
    • pass: Alias for pw, if you're not a fan of the whole brevity thing
    • password: Alias for pw, same as pass
    • db: Number of the database to select
    • database: Alias for db
    • delimiter: Redis key delimiter, defaults to :
    • autoCast: Automatically stringify and parse values, defaults to true

The returned store exposes the underlying Redis client through a property named client.

Running Tests

cachetree-redis tests require Mocha and can be run with either npm test or make test. You can specify Mocha options, such as the reporter, by adding a mocha.opts file, which is ignored by git, to the test directory.

By default, the test suite uses fakeredis to mock a Redis server. To run the tests against an actual Redis server, add a JSON file named options.json to the test directory. This file should contain the options to be passed to the cachetree-redis constructor function. Like the mocha.opts file, options.json is ignored by git.