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Any Metadata Bookmarklet

The Any Metadata Bookmarklet is a bookmarklet which allows a person to save any metadata about a Domain that they would like (duh). It uses html5 localStorage.

To use, just load the script onto a server of your choice and add a bookmarklet with the following code (line breaks and spaces added for readability, remove them):

javascript:(function(){ _amd=document.createElement('SCRIPT'); _amd.type='text/javascript'; _amd.src='http://YOUR_URL_HERE/js/anymetadata.bookmarklet.js'; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(_amd);})();

or just use the bookmarklet that’s on my server (

There are some things which I would like to see changed/added:

  1. Add some tests!
  2. Load json2, jQuery, and jQuery-ui and theme in a better manner.
  3. Make it so I don’t need to use intervals to check that the scripts/css were inserted into the dom before using them.
  4. Allow the bookmarklet to save to a specific URL and not just the domain.
  5. Allow the bookmarklet to save to a server and not just localStorage (for cross-browser metadata).

Any feedback is appreciated.