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Project - 3Defense
David Parker

Spacebar         => Begin the game. Once a wave of enemies is completely killed, then press spacebar
                    to send the next wave.
1-6, shift+(1-8) => Select a tower. Then place the tower on the map by find a location and left-clicking.
Escape           => Exit the program

1) Not so sure about this... I finally fixed the framerate issues with Ubuntu. It had to deal with how 
   glutIdle was working and how often it was getting called. By getting rid of it altogether and using
   glutTimerFunc after the game begun and it seemed to clear things all up.

1) I like the fact that my code is organized. I think well organized and refactored code is key.
2) (collision.c): My collision detection and checking the tower range functions were okay. For 
   collision detection I'm  only checking the x/z origins vs. the scale of the object, and not 
   really doing real normal vs object detection.
3) (drawing.c > drawObjects): I like the way I set up my structs to draw specific types of objects. I 
   liked using the blend func to set up a decent looking "preview" tower that will be placed. I also
   made sure to render differently based on whether the user was clicking on the board so that they could
   select objects using color coding, giving each object a unique color code.
4) (general.c > findPreviewPostion): I made sure to set up a grid of viable positions around the map.
   I wanted the user to be able to place a tower in a specific location and to make sure that they couldn't
   place it otherwise. I also liked using gluUnProject and glReadPixels to figure out the mouse position
   in findMousePosition.
5) (general.c > processPicks): this method used the color coding before and actually processed which tower
   we selected.
6) (shapes.c, models.c, towers.c): again, I just like the way I organized things.

Really, I have a lot of things I think were cool, but in reality, I don't think anything here is 
extraordinary. I do think it could be cleaned up a lot more. I also have a good sized TODO list, and 
known bugs:

1) Dynamic paths would be cool. I'd have to change how the pathing is set up completely (as well as the 
   preview points), but that would be neat to be able to have random maps.
2) Don't allow users to buy every tower. All of the "advanced" towers should be upgrade only.
3) Adding shadow maps would be really cool.
4) Clean up the sidebar to add textures/icons for the towers, money, lives, scrolls, etc.
5) Add pop-ups (hover-overs) to show statistics for each tower, rather than text in lower right.
6) Object selection for minions with specific stats
7) Variety of minions. textures, colors, objs, etc
8) GAME OVER. There is no way to lose the game right now.
9) Short game. There is only 5 waves of enemies.

1) Fix bug where user clicks on sidebar instead of using keyboard, they won't get the preview
2) If a minion is killed and is the last one in the wave, then extra shots will stick around until the
   next wave.
3) I'm using straight arrays and no-where am I re-sorting those arrays if we "sell" a tower, etc. so
   it's possible to lose towers after the array loops back to the beginning.
4) If the game is paused, the timers don't pause, so it is possible to pause the game and have several
   shots created when they shouldn't be.

The following interactions are provided:
Keyboard interactions:
Special Keys:
Right            => Shift screen down the z axis
Left             => Shift screen up the z axis
Up               => Shift screen down the x axis
Down             => Shift screen up the x axis
Shift+Right      => +5 th angle
Shift+Left       => -5 th angle
Shift+Up         => +5 ph angle
Shift+Down       => -5 ph angle

Regular Keys:
Escape     => close the program
Spacebar   => begin the game. Once a wave of enemies is completely killed, press spacebar to send
              the next wave.
r or R     => reset to original parameters
q          => money cheat (money += 100)
x or X     => toggle axes on/off (default off)
g or G     => toggle grid on/off (default off)
c or C     => toggle show attack radius (default off)
v or V     => toggle draw values on bottom of screen (default off)
-          => decrease the field of view by 1
+          => increase the field of view by 1
i          => decrease the dimensions by 0.2
I          => increase the dimensions by 0.2
z          => increment the animation by 1 (used when game paused for debugging)
m          => toggle light movement (default on)
p          => toggle game paused
M          => toggle tower tops moving (default on) 
<          => decrease the light th by 1
>          => increase the light th by 1
[          => decrease the light Y by 0.1
]          => increase the light Y by 0.1
a          => decrease the ambient by 5
A          => increase the ambient by 5
d          => decrease the diffuse by 5
D          => increase the diffuse by 5
s          => decrease the specular by 5
S          => increase the specular by 5
e          => decrease the emission by 5
E          => increase the emission by 5
n          => decrease the shininess by 5
N          => increase the shininess by 5
0           => none
1           => basic
2           => advanced
3           => cone
4           => advanced cone
5           => square
6           => advanced square
shift+1 (!) => fire
shift+2 (@) => advanced fire
shift+3 (#) => ice
shift+4 ($) => advanced ice
shift+5 (%) => earth
shift+6 (^) => advanced earth
shift+7 (&) => poison
shift+8 (*) => advanced poison
w or W      => toggle preview mode
delete or backspace  => if a tower is selected on screen, then delete it

Mouse interactions:
"Screen" side (left side):
-if a tower is selected:
find the x,y,z position of the mouse and place the object in that position
the object will be reset to 'none' after placing the object
NOTE: only 57 objects may be placed. If you place more than 57, then it starts to 
      replace item 1, 2, etc
same as left click, but object will not be reset to 'none' after click

-if tower selected is 'none', then select a tower on the left side:
--left-click a tower
---able to view the statistics of the tower in lower right corner
---press 'delete' or 'backspace' and the tower should be deleted

"Sidebar" side (right side):
--click on a tower name to select it.
---able to view the statistics of the selected tower in the lower right corner
---able to place the tower on the screen side if you have enough money

NOTE: there are two ways to select a shape: 
 1) keyboard shortcuts
 2) mouse click on shape name


A 3d Tower Defense game I made for CS5229 Computer Graphics at CU Boulder



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