A poker-bot using the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm
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This is the source code for my 3rd year Cambridge University dissertation project. It is a Texas Hold 'em poker-bot which uses the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm.

To be perfectly honest, this project does not represent my best work. Check out any of my other repositories for that. I simply wanted to upload this to prove I'd done it and also in case it might ever be of use to someone.

Unfortunately the project won't build in it's current state. Sorry about that. The bot runs as a plugin to Poker Academy Pro which I no longer have access to. opentestbed may also work.

The dissertation itself is probably the most important part. I recommend reading the Preparation section for what the project does and how it does it. The Evaluation section also has some interesting results and graphs in it.


The source code for the project (everything in the src directory) is licensed under the MIT License.

The dissertation and everything else is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You may use it but you must give attribution.