Website and games for the Professor P series of children's books
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This is the source code for the website about the Professor P series of children's books. It includes information about the books, JavaScript games, offline activities for children, photos of past events, information about the author and contact info.


  1. Install Node.js and npm (if it didn't already come with your installation of Node.js)
  2. Install Ruby and Sass (gem install sass)
  3. Install Git
  4. Clone this repo git clone
  5. cd into the project directory
  6. Run npm install

Making changes

  1. Run npm start to start the development server
  2. Make changes to the source files and view the website in your browser at http://localhost:9778
  3. Use Git to commit changes


  1. Create a file called config.json in the project directory with your FTP settings:

      "user": "USERNAME",
      "pass": "PASSWORD"
  2. Run npm run deploy