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The sources and keynote slides for my talk at Cocoaheads Montpellier, France (Jan 17th, 2019)
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This is the slides and sample project I used for the talk I gave at the Cocoaheads in Montpellier on January 17th, 2019, about Machine Learning, Apple and building a Pokédex app.

An article is also available on my technical blog here:

ML Data folder

Contains training and evaluation data for the creation of the PokemonModel.mlmodel with Create ML.

Pokedex playground

Contains a simple Playground initiating an Image Classifier Builder with Create ML.

Pokedex Xcode Project

The demo app. It contains two screens available from Tab Bar:

  • Library: present a UIImagePickerController that will let you pick a Pokémon picture from your devices Photo Library and display the prediction result in a UIAlertController.
  • Camera: display the live video feed from your device's camera and display the live prediction results on the screen.
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