An upload plugin for CakePHP 3
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An upload plugin for CakePHP 3.

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What is it?

So I needed a way to upload images in CakePHP 3, and as I couldn't find anything that I liked I decided to write my own in a similar vein to how @josegonzalez had written his CakePHP-Upload plugin for CakePHP 2.


For more requirements, please check the composer.json file in the repository.

This plugin implements the Intervention image library.


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All the documentation can be found in the docs folder.


Please open a pull request or submit an issue if there is anything you would like to contribute. Please write a test for any new functionality that you add and be sure to run the tests before you commit. Also don't forget to run PHPCS with the PSR2 standard to avoid errors in TravisCI.

⚠️ Please target all new PRs at the develop branch.


Please see LICENSE