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Wattzap Virtual Cycle Training Community Edition
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Wattzap Community Edition

This is the community edition of the Wattzap Turbo Trainer Software. It is provided "as is" and without support. It is primarily intended for developers who want to add new features to Wattzap.

see: for more information

Basic Architecture

Wattzap is a Java Swing based application. An "Enterprise Bus" pattern is used for internal communication.


Due to an issue with VLC and Java the 1.6r45 JVM is used on Mac OSX. Please make sure your changes are compatible with this version of the compiler/libraries.


Install Apache Ant and use the build.xml file

$ ant -f build.xml

Video Playback

To play videos you will need VLC player. On Unix/Linux this can be installed via the application repository. On Windows download VLC. Copy plugins, libvcl.dll and libvlccore.dll to the Wattzap home directory.

Working on the Project

Feel free to contribute bug fixes, improvements etc to WattzAp. You can fork the project for your own purposes if you wish.

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