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No authentication needed when autofilter == on #3

joserwan opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Thank you for this proxy, it seems great !

  • When I set "autofilter = on" in astmanproxy.conf, and I connect to the proxy with telnet, the AMI events are displayed, event if I am not authenticated.
  • When I set "autofilter = off", no events are displayed before I authenticate.

Have you this problem, too ?

I checked out the proxy today (rev 4e37f98). I'll try to understand the code, but don't know C !

Thank you.


By the way, AutoFilter=unique is a much more powerful setting as the proxy automatically modified the ActionID to be unique across all clients so that there can be no cross-talk of responses for one client going to another.

AutoFilter=unique does not have the same issue as AutoFilter=on


Thank you, i will update as soon as I can.

I didn't event see the AutoFilter=unique ! I'll probably use this.

I'll try your patch anyway with AutoFilter=on and will come you back. Thank you very much !

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